Restoran Rawang Famous Steam Fish, Ipoh

We just had our tiring caving adventure at Gua Tempurung and we were exhausted and extremely hungry especially when we had skipped our lunch in the cave. Thanks to Emily, she introduced me this restaurant, Restoran Rawang Famous Steam Fish. I know this famous restaurant with their famous one person one fish concept which I have been always wanted to try someday in KL but didn't expect them to be in Ipoh already. So I might as well completing my desire in Ipoh instead. We had 18 person for the dinner and we all sit in one large table. It was a little bit cramp but we managed to sit through out our dinner since we were so hungry already. We already care less about our personal space. I would recommend the maximum of 15 adults size for one large table.
Steamed Tilapia - This is the famous one person one fish tilapia. We had a larger fish instead because we were sharing among 17 pax. For single person portion will be much smaller than this. The meat was succulent and soft. It taste so fresh because all these fishes are breed by themselves in a large fish pond. So without a doubt, this the freshest you can get. I really hope one day I will be back to try this fish all by myself. It must be absolutely a blissful experience. 
Steamed Promphet  - This was recommended by the owner itself since we might not have enough of fish if we just ordered a Tilapia. It was equally good and we had finished both of them off within seconds. It was so great to enjoy fresh water fish and salt water fish on the same meal.
Guinness and Marmite Pork Ribs - Two kinds of way cooked in one dish. Once again, we were pampered by enjoying two different tastes in one dish. The pork ribs were so soft and flavorful which was easily deboned by our mouth. 
Soft Shell Crab - We had 2 portions of this. It was simply delicious and satisfying when crunching the soft shell while the juicy salted egg just flow into your mouth pleasuring every taste bud of our tongue.
Claypot Mantis Shrimp - I was expected it to be big but it turned out to be a mini size mantis shrimp. I could hardly taste the meat. All I could eat is the shell which is soft but not as soft as the soft shell crab. Not really recommend this dish. It was expensive and not worth it.
Homemade tofu - This tofu is so soft and full of soy bean taste. It was just enough for one person a piece. That's not enough at all. We would wish to have at least 3 pieces per person.
Steamed Chicken - We do not have any left overs for all the dishes except this chicken. It was too hard and tasteless. We do not really wish to have another piece of it after taken one. However, we tried to finish as much as we can but we had to leave a few pieces in the end. It was the worst dish among all.
Kailan - Fresh and delicious. This was the one of the fastest dishes that vanished before very eyes.

Four Heavenly Kings - Everyone's favourite but not me because I am not really a fan of petai. So my opinion maybe a bit prejudice here. However, the rest of 16 people had finished this plate so cleanly, so I can expect this is equally good too.

Kangkung Belacan - Not spicy enough but it is still acceptable since we prefer to eat more vegetable than red meat.
We had a plate of free fresh fruits in the end. I was really grateful with the owner for arranging a scrumptious meal to us. I would definitely recommend everyone to dine in this restaurant especially you are fish lover.
Total Damage: RM800.55
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Yes

Rawang Famous Steam Fish
1, Jalan Lapangan Symphony,
Lapangan Symphony Business Park,
31350 Ipoh 
Tel: 05-3110854
Business Hours: 12.00am - 3.00pm; 6.00pm - 10.00pm (Wednesday closed)

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