Durian SS2, Petaling Jaya

The annual durian season has arrived!!! All the durian connoisseurs are out to seek for the best durian around to cure their yearly addiction over durian. The best place to seek for durian will be the famous Durian SS2 which is just relocated to a new place which is located along the Jalan Harapan. This building is newly built by the government just for the durian seller to have their business here.
The reason for Durian SS2 being one of the best is because the varieties, the freshness and a lot of choices to choose from. They have fresh durians deliver to them every single day.
The price doesn't come cheap at all! Only rich people can afford such a price. I usually bought Udang Merah around RM9-RM10/kg only. The price here is double the usual price. However, they assure all their durians are top quality if there is not fresh, they will change a new one for you without additional charges. Not enough cash? No problem. They accept visa and mastercard. This is the first time I see a durian seller has their own credit card terminal.
This is the Raja Kunyit @RM45.00/kg. It is really a beautiful durian. It tastes really strong which carries bitter smell in it. That is why this is the most expensive durian among all.
Udang Merah Penang @RM23.00/kg. The difference between the southern Udang Merah and Udang Merah Penang is the Penang one carries stronger bitter taste and that is why it is slightly expensive.
XO @RM28.00/kg. XO carries more sweetness in it and you will feel as if the durian is slightly infused with alcohol. Among all the above, my favourite is still Udang Merah.
Overall, I still find that it is too expensive to eat durian here. Even though they do provide durian buffet at RM20/pax but you are only offered with their durian kampung and not these branded durians. So it is still not worth it. The best durian is still the branded durian unless you just want to taste durian and you hardly can differentiate whether they are branded or not.


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