Sungkai White Water Rafting

My white water rafting expedition continues at Sungkai River. I love it as much as my diving. I will explain to you more about the thrill and fun in this activity later. Anyway, I will brief a little about some information about this white water rafting at Sungkai River. It is cost RM125/pax and minimum pax is 2 person. There is an additional cost of RM15/pax for the land transfer from the parking area to the rafting starting point.
They will start with safety briefing as usual no matter you have participate in this activity before or not. The reason is each company has their own different style of instruction. FYI, this package has include lunch at a Malay fast food restaurant.
Once you are briefed, you will have a little practical before you started. This is something different than other company which I really like how it is done. So the people in the raft will know how to coordinate the raft together and have the maximum fun.
Rafting requires more people to participate for the whole activity to be fun. Unlike diving, you always can do it solo or a couple. A maximum of 7 persons in a raft inclusive the instructor is highly recommended for white water rafting activity.
This is the part a rafter will always anticipate for. Great rapid and high slope. However, the rapid in Sungkai River is only Grade I-II. It is suitable for beginner.
The rapid is not strong enough to capsize our raft so we did it purposely ourselves to increase the fun. There is two locations that we did this so be prepared to get all wet! Please make sure you do not wear slippers to join this activity. Only wear strapped sandals or shoes. If you are wearing sandals, you will be advised to take them off before boarding the raft.
Another thing which is different than other company is the team coordination in the raft. They will have instruction, "to the left", "to the right", "to the front" and " to the back". With these instruction, you will get to enjoy the smooth ride through the rapid. I really enjoy this teamwork play because there is something else for you to do instead of the boring paddling forward and backward.
The river is quite clear on that day because there was no rain on the day before. Just take note that the river here is really chilling cool because the water comes from Cameron Highland.
The more rafts in the ride the more fun it is going to be! As always, I always love to do a raft fight which is by splashing the water by using your paddle between two rafts.
Overall, experience is truly great with Outworld Expedition. They are the best company that I have enjoyed so far. Highly recommended. They do provide place for shower so you can always have a dry clean clothes after this activity before heading back home.
Total Damage: RM140
Service: 4/5
Freakout Level: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes


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