Things to do in Boracay (Day)

During the day, there are too many activities to be listed which you won't able to participate all of them even you are staying here for a month. I am not kidding. What I am about to list out to you will definitely make your eyes wide open.
Sun bathing is free here but please do not underestimate the sun here. There are no clouds to reduce the fierce sun ray from the sun. The sun got no mercy to give you a serious sun burn. So please do not expose yourself too long and do apply sun screen for every 2 hours.
Snorkeling by the beach is free too, provided you have your own set of snorkeling set. Otherwise you have to rent them at PHP500/set from any dive center along the beach.
Taking photograph by the beach is not just free but it is priceless. Please take note that the currency that I will use is in Philippine Peso. So you just convert it to your own currency at the time you are reading this article.
There are more than 30 dive sites around Boracay to be explore and each dive cost PHP1800 with equipment rental.
The Stand-Up Paddling is a hit right now but there are still kayak available for rent too. It is cost PHP600/pax/hour.
Boat sailing to see the sun set and feel the wind is really an awesome experience. It can cost you PHP500/pax for only 30 minutes.
Going for a thrill sea sports instead? Parasailing, kite boarding, jet ski and wind surfing will push your adrenaline to the limit but they don't come cheap. PHP1200/pax for only 15 minutes (parasailing). PHP2000/jet ski (max 2 pax) for only 30 minutes. The most expensive is kite boarding which starts from PHP3000/pax for 1 hour. It varies depending the difficulty level you are looking for.
If you prefer to have everyone in your group to join the thrill on the sea, Banana boat and flyfish will definitely excite you with only PHP500/pax with 15 minutes for banana boat and 5 minutes for flyfish. Minimum pax to ride on is 3 pax to the maximum you can see on the picture above.
Prefer to do beach hopping? Puka Beach and Bulabog Beach are the other highly recommended beaches apart from the famous White Beach. You only need to pay for PHP100/pax/way for the tricycle to send you to your desire beach destination. My suggestion is to ask the tricycle to pick up more people so you can enjoy the ride at PHP25/pax/way.
If you are heading to Puka Beach, it will takes you a 10 minutes ride going through the local's village for a great experience knowing the lifestyle of the locals. This beach is rather quiet and the sand is not as fine as the sand in the White Beach. You will get to see Coracao island just opposite this beach and the best location for sunset. There are only 2 restaurants here and other small stalls for you to buy some drinks and rent some snorkeling equipment.
This is the Shangri-la Hotel. If you are signing up for the island hopping tour which is cost at PHP700/person. This is one of the stop. The other stop will be Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, Puka Beach, Tambisan and Magic Island. The price is inclusive BBQ lunch at Tambisan and the whole journey takes up to 6 hours starting from 10.00am in the morning. Crystal Cove and Magic Island are private island which you need to pay additional PHP200/pax and PHP150/pax respectively. You can see cave in Crystal Cove and you get to do cliff jumping at Magic Island.
I am not able to show you all the pictures of the activity here so I will just list them down below as your reference. Do keep in mind that prices listed are still negotiable. Do make an effort to get a better bargain. By the way, you do not have to find the office or a center for the activities. They are just everywhere by the beach and will approach you whenever they see you. I find it quite irritating and harassing. However, I find them they are quite professional with what they are doing and they will make themselves responsible to ensure you enjoy your day with them. This is the good part I see in them which I rarely see it in other countries.

1) Shooting Range - PHP2000 for 10 bullets
2) Free Diving - PHP11,500 for 2 days course
3) Indiana Jones Eco Tour  - PHP2800/pax (min 2 pax) - include lunch
4) Mountain Bike Cruising and trekking in Panay Island - PHP2000/pax for 5 hours (min 2 pax) - include lunch
5) Horseback Riding - PHP1000/pax for 15 minutes
6) Land Tour to capture the best scenic view in Boracay - starts from PHP980/pax for 2 hours (min 2 pax)
7) ATV and Buggy Car ride - PHP1250/unit (ATV); PHP1900/unit (buggy) for approximately an hour
8) Electric Chariot Tour - Starts from PHP800 for 30 minutes
9) Tablas Island Hopping - PHP3500/pax
10) Booty's Sunset Cruise - PHP2200/pax for 2 hours (include bottomless drinks and snacks)
11) Mermaid Lesson - PHP1500/pax
12) Boracay Pub Crawl - PHP990/pax
13) Flyboarding - PHP4300/pax for 15minutes
14) Glassbottom Boat - PHP750/pax for 2 hours trip
15) Yachting - PHP2500/pax for 2 hours (include meal)
16) Go Kart - PHP800/pax for 15 minutes
17) Zipline & Cable Car Combo - PHP1300/pax
18) Helicopter Tour - PHP4500/pax (beach) for 10 minutes; PHP6750/pax (island) for 15 minutes (minimum 2 pax)
19) Helmet Diving - PHP1000/pax for 15 minutes.
20) Zorb Ball - PHP350/pax for one round
21) Skim Boarding -  PHP200/hour
22) Ariel's Point Cliff Jumping - PHP2000/pax for half a day (inclusive lunch, boat transfer, bottomless drinks and entry permit)

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