Diving in Boracay

One of the best activity to do is to dive in Boracay. This is one of the places that you get the chance to dive from a Bangka. They do not have a dive boat. They are using Bangka as their dive boat. Please take note that the currency that I will use is in Philippine Peso. So you just convert it to your own currency at the time you are reading this article. 
Diving in Boracay is not cheap at all. There are tons of dive center there but they are all standardized their prices at PHP1800/dive (with equipment rental). If you would want a cheaper rate, you will need to have your own equipment which you can get PHP1200 or book early online with them to get a dive package. They will have a dive package with accommodation which you can get a discount up to 20%. However, you cannot choose the dive sites to dive. 
If you prefer to choose your desire dive sites like I do, you have to visit the dive center in the evening to know which dive sites they will be going the next day. My advice when choosing a dive center is DO NOT choose a big dive center. They have better equipment but they are quite ego and lousy with their service unless you are coming in a bigger group. Do choose a very small dive center which you will get a proper service and designated dive master to follow you to dive.
There are 2 wreck dives in Boracay which are known as Camia and Tribird. This is the Camia boat which is purposely sank 15 years ago to create an artificial wreck. 
This boat is big enough for you to swim inside it. They are not many unique fishes to be seen yet because the corals are still growing around the boat. I recommend this dive to anyone who is new to wreck dive. Below is the video that I captured during my Camia wreck dive. Do enjoy!

In March 2012 the Boracay Association of Scuba-diving Schools (BASS) sunk its second wreck, this time in the form of a Russian Yak-40 passenger jet. The Yak (nicknamed Tribird due to its 3 engines) has a 20m long fuselage and a wingspan of 26m. The plane lays upside-down on a sandy bottom at 28m depth. The seats have been removed allowing divers to swim safely through the aircraft, using the passenger doors as entry and exit points.
 Its inverted position resting on its T-tail actually makes the wreck more interesting as divers can swim under the wings and fuselage. The stepped reef around the plane allows us to explore the reef after seeing the plane and to finish the dive in a comfortable depth of 12 to 14m. 
Tribird is a great new addition to Boracay’s dive sites and they are still looking forward to more fish taking up residence. As of now, there are nothing in there yet. So I would not recommend this dive yet until after 10 years later.

When it is long enough, we will see scorpion fish and stone fish trying to camouflage themselves on the wreck.
The dive sites that I recommend are Yapak 1 and Yapak 2 to see bigger and larger fishes but you are required to have AOW certification because you are going 40 - 60 meters deep. Otherwise, Balinghai, Friday's Rock and Crocodile Island will be a good choice too. The picture above is the crocodile island. You can see the shape of the island truly resemble a crocodile.
You get to see sea snake quite easily at Crocodile Island. It was really amazing experience to take photograph on a sea snake. It is a poisonous snake. I can be more deadly than the snake on the land. However, they will not attack if they sense no harm. So we need to keep our buoyancy stable and do not make too big movements.
The next best thing is to see a lot of types of nudibranch here.
I am very excited because this is the first time to see so many nudibranch in one dive sites.
This is the first time to see a family of nudibranch too! It was really amazing!
I even get to see the ribbon eel for the first time! Too many first time in this island after dive for more than 100 times. Suddenly at that moment I felt that I have wasted all my time and money in my previous dives. There are people claimed that snorkeling at Boracay is better than diving because you can see more things. I can assure you that is a terribly wrong statement. From the pictures above, you basically can see them or do them through snorkeling. So diving in Boracay is still exciting and fun!
Total Damage: PHP14400 (2 pax)
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes

Eclipse Dive Center
Station 2
Boracay Island

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