Things to do in Boracay (Dawn)

If you are thinking, an island usually has more activities during the day rather than in the dawn, you are terribly wrong. The night in Boracay is sleepless night. I will try to list as much as possible below. Please take note that the currency that I will use is in Philippine Peso. So you just convert it to your own currency at the time you are reading this article.
Sun is just too fierce for beach activities but become better around 4pm. So people are starting to gather around for a beach volleyball match. There are two beach volleyball courts along the White Beach. You need to rent the ball and the net at the near by stalls. Not really expensive. It is just PHP100 only.
If you have your own flying saucer, create your very own playing ground at anywhere on the beach. You will have a great fun with the local boys and girls. They are really friendly and outgoing.
Some other healthier activity is an evening jog along the long White Beach from Station 1 to Station 3 for a 3km run for each way. With beautiful sunset setting off along with your steps and the sea wave splashing on your feet. 
One of the most favourite thing to do during the dawn is to capture the sunset. The sunset in Philippine is setting off quite early if to compare with Malaysia. They are setting of around 5.30pm. Anytime later than that you will see the red yolk gone down to the sea. 
I have to admire and respect the local's creativity and technique in building sand castle. See how they able to make a hollow within the sand and the sand will not collapse. They are really smart indeed.
Not all the locals making the sand castle for fun. They are some making for profit such as this guy on the picture. They spend 1 - 2 hours to build this large sand castle to earn some side income if any tourist wanted to take a picture with it. PHP20/pax and you can take unlimited picture you want with them. They are starting building this sand castle from 5.00pm and there are at least 10 different types and design of sand castles along the White Beach to attract tourist's attraction.
When you see the process on how they build this sand castle, you will know it is worth to tip them the PHP20/pax for the photo shooting. Their effort and their precise artwork is worth to be rewarded. If you wish to put your name on the sand castle, they can do it for PHP500 for less than 7 alphabet. Otherwise, you can take a cheaper option to put your name below the sand castle at PHP100. These sand castle will be available from 5.00pm to 9.00pm and they will demolished it in the end.
There are cheaper photoshooting with the Amphitrite, wife of the King Poseidon and Cupid, god of love. You just tip any amount you desire to them and you are limited to 3 shots/poses. I normally see people tipping them PHP20. I always admire the locals who are working here. They are really good with what they are doing and they are professional enough to ensure it is deliver to you. This is one of the countries I have been so far that I respect them for their excellent service.
A bar is always the main choice at night however a bar with a bunting like this promoting themselves is rather amusing to me. 
This is the cheapest bar that I can find on the island. Do come over during their Happy Hours. Their local beer, San Miguel is selling at a dirt cheap price which is starting from PHP30 only. For your information, you only can get their local San Miguel Beer on this island. There are no German beer, Carlsberg, Heineken, Budweiser, Tiger or any Stout here. I can assure you that their local beer is equally good.
If you prefer a nicer environment with great ambiance facing the sea, there are plenty of options available there like this over there. A great place to relax and chit chat through out the night. 
If just drinking and chatting are too boring for you, there are a lot of live performances along the beach that will bring your night even livelier. 
One of my favourite live performances is this fire dancing. They are really good at it. I started to wonder if they have a class for them to sign up for this course. Anyway, enjoy more from the 3 minutes edited video below.

If you are impressed with their performance, you can tip them and take amazing pictures with fire dancing around you like the photo above. Tipping at you own desire. Please give in paper notes and not coins. Coin is for beggar. So tipping them with coins is a sign of humiliation to them.
I have to admit that I am impressed with the creativity of the locals to attract the tourist to their restaurant. There are just too many restaurants out there and to be the special one, you just have to do something special like this which is getting your waiter, waitress and chef to dance in front of your restaurant. Get some of the tourist in for the dance too! That will make the tourist happy and excited. I got them in video below for you to see how they did it. Not really a great performance but we have to acknowledge their every effort.

Thinking for a souvenir but enough of mug and fridge magnet? How about shirt painting? It is cost started from PHP500 and will vary according to the size and design.
You can choose over hundreds of unique design and they will draw it for you. You can also have your own name on it too. It will takes 2 - 3 hours to finish. If you are not in a hurry, you can get them to deliver to your hotel once it is done and it is for free.
Not impress with earlier design? How about this cut and style to whatever you like. Choose any t-shirt they have in the shop and get them to style it up for you. This service is free. You just need to pay for the t-shirt only. You can even get your name printed on it too! First 7 letters are free and the subsequent letter will be charged at PHP10/letter. This boutique shop is known as Islands. They got 2 branches that I known of which are located inside d'Mall and Station 2.
The hair braid service is available here too! This girl is only 16 years old and started to move around the beaches getting customers to do hair braid as her side income while having her summer break. It is only PHP100 after some hard negotiation with her. She was a sweet girl and I don't mind to tip her more. I find that the locals here like her are just trying to earn for their living. We shouldn't be keep bargain the price with these people.
The other service will be the tattoo service. Tattoo any part of your body that you like even on your head, Hahaha. This guy is funny.
There are a lot of cheap body massage here in Boracay and their starting price is only from PHP300/pax for 1 hour. However, I do not find them got the skill and technique. They only got the strength. If you would like to have better massage experience, you are advised to go for a reputable one which is charging 10 times of the normal price. You will get a better and more skillful service there. Somehow I still prefer massage parlor in Thailand. They are still one of the best in this massage services. For your information, hair braid service, tattoo service and massage service are available day and night. However, they are more popular at night.
The one and only mall in Boracay which is known as D'Mall. Do not expect it is a high rise building with air-condition. It is just like an open market with little shops around it. This place is always crowded with people especially at night.
There are a lot of things to shop here. I got my RipCurl rash guard at a dirt cheap price for PHP500 only! Even their diving equipment is cheap here too but they are selling them using USD. After the conversion may be a little disadvantage to you but I still believe it is way cheaper than Malaysia. I got my diving boot at PHP1100 and goggles at PHP800 only! You don't get those price in Malaysia. Definitely!
Are you good at basketball? Maybe you should try it out and win a basketball jersey which is their grand prize.
G-Force Extreme which is available day and night. Time to test your guts and challenge yourself! The price is PHP1400/pax inclusive video recording. You are definitely going to love the video to see how candid you a funny way.
There are many more activities out there I believe but that's all I have found out in my short trip. I hope it is informative enough for you to know a little about what you can do after the sunset.

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