Delicacies to eat in Boracay

There are plenty of things to eat in Boracay and basically you do not have to worry about food here. They have local cuisine to western cuisine. You name it and they got it. The food prices in Boracay is slightly high. Average to spend for food per person excluding drinks will be approximately PHP250. Oh yeah, please take note that the currency that I will use is in Philippine Peso. So you just convert it to your own currency at the time you are reading this article.
I will start to introduce to you the most expensive one to the cheapest one in Boracay. No matter what price it is, they are definitely a delicacy! 
Let's start with a fire. This fancy restaurant sitting deep inside the d'Mall which is known as Cyma Greek Taverna serving authentic Greek Cuisine. I have never tried a Greek cuisine before not until in Boracay. Surprisingly, I have not come across with any Greek restaurant in Malaysia yet.
Anyway, this fancy delicacy is their appetizer called Saganaki @PHP245++. They have two types which are the Greek Style which is slightly salty and this one is their very own Cyma style which brings slightly sweetness in it. What is on fire is their savory cheese which is use to dip in with the bread. It is a superb combination. First time trying something like this which makes me start to love Greek cuisine!
This is the lamb rib which is known as Paidakia @PHP720++. Honestly, I have tried so many lambs rack in Malaysia and I have to say this Paidakia just beat them all. The grilled fragrance with their very own special herbs on it which gives extra tastes on the lamb and covering the gamey taste so well. This is a must try delicacy!
Chicken Gyros is the same like the chicken wrapper that we seen in KFC. However, this Chicken Gyros @PHP195++ taste way much better than that. The minced chicken grilled so well which you can feel the barbecue sensation in every minced meat in it. I just can't get enough of it!
Every time when they pour the wine in it, the flame will rise through the pan. What shocked you the most is the whole workers in the restaurant will scream "OPPPAAAA!!!" Don't get heart attack by that, I have already warn you here. This is their special effect for their food. This is their Flaming Mango @PHP280++. It is an attempt to mimic chocolate lava with ice cream dessert by combining hot and cold at the same time. Unfortunately, the mango that is served to us is too sourish to create the same effect. However, it is still a special dessert to order.
There are many buffet choices along the white beach with the price ranging from PHP280 to PHP3800 per person. To become unique than the others, Paradise Garden Farm serves Lechon which is rare because you will only see this in special occasion in Philippine such as wedding and other ceremonies. They grilled the whole pig with their very own herbs. The taste is truly unique and you get to try it in buffet style. That's an awesome experience.
We are not in Italy but their pizza in Boracay should not be neglected. Especially this Quattro Stagione @PHP540++ from Aria Italian Restaurant. This one pizza has 4 different kinds of taste in it. There are seafood, mushroom, fish and ham. This was the first time I finished up a 16" pizza. It was that good! This amazing restaurant is located at d'Mall facing the beach. Another amazing pizza place is at Luna Rossa at Station 2.
Dos Mestizos is a Spanish restaurant which serves best tapas and Paella. This restaurant is just located next to the local Police Station. Do check out their Paella buffet from 11.00am - 3.00pm. You can eat as much Paella as you want for just PHP250++. Philippines was under Spanish colony before they reach their independence. Therefore Spanish cuisine is basically consider as their local cuisine as well.
Smoke Resto serves their local Filipino cuisine such as Kaopad and Pancit. People are queuing to get a sit in this restaurant which located inside the d'Mall. Honestly, I find their food too salty and I am not very sure I like it. However, since so many tourists and the locals are lining up for it maybe it is really that good. So I will leave this restaurant for you to judge.As far as I can tell, this is the only restaurant that I have seen with people willing to queue up for it.
The weather is just too hot for you to handle? Do look for Jonah's Fruitshake & Snakebar which is located at Station 1 near the Willy's Rock. Their avocado milkshake is the best seller and it is only cost PHP100 for a 500ml. That's huge for a milkshake and cheap too!
Halowich inside d'Mall are serving their unique soft serve ice cream which cost at PHP250. This is the mango softserve which is so smooth and cooling to chill your hot sunny day.
Halo-halo literally means "mixed everything". It is a dessert made with a variety of ingredients. This is the local's favourite dessert. Please do not try to read the explanation in the bunting above. If you know all 3 languages above, you will know the translation was really terrible.
Every stall has their very unique way of making Halo dessert. This stall's halo dessert is not a bad one too which cost at PHP170. It is quite expensive for a dessert there but if you are looking for something unique and local, this will be the one.
If you are preferring something chill, thirst quencher and cheap, search no more than their San Miguel beer. Their beer is cheaper than their mineral water if you are drinking it during Happy Hours which is only at PHP30 while the mineral water is PHP35. I drank beer all the day during my whole vacation period in Boracay Island. You are unable to find other beers because they only sell their local San Miguel beer. It is not a bad beer, I can assure you.
Crazy crepes sell one of the best crepes on the island. This is the best snacks that you can find on the island. This amazing place is located inside the d'Mall.
One of their popular is this banana nutella which cost at PHP145. If you would like to top up a scoop of ice cream that will cost you an additional PHP30. Not a cheap snack I would say but you will definitely love to spend some on it somehow.
The cheapest complete meal on this island is got to be from the Andoks. Andoks is a fast food chain restaurant which is made from Philippines. Their proud very own fast food restaurant chain. Just the White Beach alone, there are 3 Andoks chain restaurants which located at Station 2, Station 3 and inside d'Mall.The price is started from PHP67 for a complete meal and their signature is their roasted chicken. Half chicken will cost PHP140 which can feed two persons.
I am sorry to say to my Muslim readers. Basically, there is no Halal restaurant on this island. You have to accept restaurant which they do not sell pork only but I am not sure if they are still consider halal. 9 out of 10 restaurants are selling pork. Even this fast food Andoks is selling pork too. There are some resorts or chalets allow you to use their kitchen. You just buy meat and vegetables from the market and cook for yourself. This is my best recommendation for you.
Flavored steamed corn @PHP20. Delicious and filling corn which is definitely a better snack! This is located at Station 2.
Nachos! You shouldn't miss their nanchos which is only PHP75 with lots of cheese and salsa sauce. It is really delicious and you definitely do not want to share it. This is also located at Station 2.
Snack from Master Shiomai is another chain snacks stall which located all along the White Beach. There are 4 stalls selling this shiomai which is only PHP45.
I do not understand why the locals love Leylam's Sharwarma rice or noodles. It is made from beef and it is overly salty for me. You can try it yourself and it is only PHP65. They have 4 stalls along the White Beach alone.
There are a lot of barbecue stalls like this selling their very own meat skewers. The options are pork, chicken gizzard, chicken intestine, beef and cuttlefish. The price is starting from PHP10 to PHP300. They are located all along the White Beach. Not many make good skewers but this boy make one of the best skewers on that beach.
If you can't find any food that you like, you can always buy raw food from the market and get the resort to cook for you. You just need to pay the cooking fee @PHP70 per dish and gas fee @PHP50. Overall, that is all my recommendation that I can share with you about the food on the island. I hope it is informative enough to last you through your vacation.


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