Getting to Boracay

Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay Island and its beaches have received awards from numerous travel publications and agencies. The island comprises the barangays of Manoc-Manoc, Balabag, and Yapak in the municipality of Malay, in Aklan Province. The island is administered by the Philippine Tourism Authority and the provincial government of Aklan. Apart from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also famous for being one of the world's top destinations for relaxation. It is also emerging among the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife.
Please take note that the currency that I will use is in Philippine Peso. So you just convert it to your own currency at the time you are reading this article. The low season in Boracay is between early June to end of October. The chances of raining during the low season is very high. During the rain, all boat activities will be cancelled.
This is the immigration at Kalibo International Airport. This airport is very small and please do aware that you will need to pay the Terminal Fee of PHP500/pax when you are leaving through this airport. It is quite an expensive fee to charge on the tourist. You can consider that lucky they only charge upon departure only.
There are money changer outside the airport which I do not really recommend to change it here especially you are Malaysian like me. As of today, our currency is not really valuable to them so the rate will be quite low. I would recommend you to change in Center Court, MidValley (LG Floor). You will know where it is because of the outrageous queue at the currency exchange all the time.
Just when you are stepping out from the airport. You will get these people promoting you things. First, is their mobile prepaid card package which I do not think you need it because you are here for holiday so just try to stay away from your phone for a while. Second is the jetty transfer from Kalibo airport to Caticlan Jetty. You will have to travel at least 2 hours to reach the jetty to take a boat ride to reach Boracay.
Just to get to this place, you got people surrounded to offer their best price for their service. There are actually 3 choices for you to get to Caticlan Jetty. First which is the cheapest one will be taking their van. This cost only PHP200/pax. They will only move when they have enough people but this should not be the problem because everyone who is there are going to Boracay. Second choice will be renting a car which cost PHP1100/car to reach there with a maximum of 4 pax in a car. The last choice will be taking the helicopter straight to the Boracay island which cost PHP4000/pax. 
The first and second choice has already inclusive the boat fare which is only PHP25/pax. For your information, the price stated above was after you negotiating the price with them very hard. There are a lot of people there offering the same service. So you do not have to worry for turning them down and pick the best price from it.
This is the boat you are taking to the Boracay island which is known as Bangka. You can see there is a leg on both sides of the boat is to stabilize the boat. The boat is specially built with high buoyancy so that the boat will not hit the corals and sank. Anyway, the duration of the ride to the island is just 10 minutes.
This is how it is look like when you are inside the Bangka. For your information, you need to pay the Environmental Fee @PHP75/pax and Terminal Fee @RM100/pax. You will need to pay the Terminal Fee @RM100/pax again when you are leaving Boracay Island. Keep in mind that the operation hours for the jetty is from 5am to 10pm.
If you are coming from Manila and you got plenty of time to waste, do consider booking a cabin in this ferry. They got two time slot everyday travelling 9 hours to reach Caticlan port. The price is starting from PHP460/pax. 
Once you have reached Boracay Island, you will need this tricycle to get you to your hotel. The price is PHP25/pax if you are going to the White Beach. That's the price after you have negotiating with them. Otherwise they are expecting PHP50/pax. There are a bigger tricycle than this which is charging only PHP20/pax. However, you will need to wait quite a long time for that tricycle to come.
This is the feeling and the view when you are sitting on one of the tricycle. I really like the chilling feeling inside even though the space is quite small.
This island is quite big and if you are planning to rent a bike to move around the island, I would not recommend you to do so. It is not just their petrol price is expensive if to compare with Malaysia, renting a bike is very expensive too! Starting price for 2 hours bike rental is PHP1200 and 24 hours will be starting from PHP2400. Not worth it. Getting a tricycle is cheaper than that.
This is the sand at the White Beach. The sand is so fine and white! There are 7 beaches in this island which are White Beach, Puka Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diniwid Beach, Banyugan Beach, Ilig-Iligan Beach and Punta Bunga Beach. The most popular and the most happening beach will be the White Beach which is the longest beach in Boracay Island.
Since the White Beach is so long, they have to divide into 3 stations. This is the Willy's Rock is the landmark attraction in Station 1, at low tide you can go here and just hang around and see the view. At high tide, you need a snorkel to go here. At the rock is a Roman Catholic Marian Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a mini chapel too. This is the most photographed part of Boracay and you will see Willy's Rock in most Boracay Post Cards and Brochures. Willy's Rock is located about 50 meters from the shore.
This is the Station 3 where all the boats are parking here and the view of the sea will be blocked and the space to snorkel is limited. You just wouldn't want to snorkel and hit a boat. However, among all the stations, your will get the cheapest accommodation here. 
The most popular station will be the Station 2. This place is the most happening location among all other places in Boracay Island. You call it crowded place as you can see from the picture. Most people will choose accommodation at Station 2 if they prefer a colorful nightlife. For your information, if you are planning to walk from Station 1 to Station 3, it will takes you approximately 45 minutes. It is quite far so there are non-motorized tricycle operating along the White Beach. It is cost PHP25/pax (day) and PHP50/pax (night).
There are a lot of hidden chalets and resorts which are offering extremely cheap accommodation located within the small lanes at White Beach. You will need to walk into the small lanes to find them out.
You will only get to see Sunset at the White Beach. If you prefer to watch sunrise, you will have to stay at Ilig-Iligan Beach or Bulabog Beach.
That's all about the information that you have to know about getting to Boracay. The next post I will talk more about food and things to do in Boracay. I am very sure they will be very informative to you.
Here are the summary of things and prices that you should know:

Airport Terminal Fee: PHP500/pax (only charge when you depart from the airport)

Kalibo Airport - Caticlan Jetty: 
1) PHP200/pax (van inclusive boat fare) - Van can be quite cramp if they are trying to fit more than 10 pax. The max a van can fit 13 pax.
2) PHP1000/car (maximum 4 pax in a car)
3) PHP4000/pax (helicopter ride with VIP service transfer to your hotel)

Ride Duration Kalibo Airport - Caticlan Jetty: Approximately 2 hours

Jetty Terminal Fee: PHP100/pax/way (You need to pay again even when you are leaving the island)

Environmental Fee: PHP75/pax (You only need to pay one time when you are getting into the island)

Caticlan Jetty Business Hours: 5.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

Ride Duration Caticlan Jetty - Boracay Island: Approximately 10 minutes

Tricycle Ride to White Beach: PHP25/pax

Non-motorized Tricycle Ride (only operating along White Beach): PHP25/pax (day), PHP50/pax (night)

Walking duration from Station 1 to Station 3: Approximately 45 minutes

***NOTE: The price above is after negotiated with them. You can try to compete with me to get a better bargain.

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