Kiraku Japanese Restaurant, Shaftsbury Square (revisit)

I was invited for another visit to Kiraku Japanese Restaurant after the owner saw my previous post about my unpleasant experience I had before. Kiraku Japanese Restaurant is owned by Ikhasas. Basically Ikhasas owned the Shaftsbury Square and the Shaftsbury Serviced Suites. They are trying to create the Shaftsbury Square to a dining heaven just like how the Scott Gardens has been doing. Their target market is to the middle class people who is looking for nice food with lesser money to spend. Their effort to improve and change better to attract people to choose Shaftsbury Square is outstanding. That's why I was invited again to experience the things that they have improved.
James Wong is the master chef in this restaurant. He worked in Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine for more than a decade before invited to join the Ikhasas family. One thing that surprised me which he was a vivid diver and with a dive master qualification just like me. We got plenty to talk about especially about diving. Unlike some of other master chef in a Japanese restaurant, his curiosity and adventurous towards new recipe is tremendous. He just loves to seek for new experience with the food which he thinks can be fused into his Japanese cuisine.
We are started of with a cold platter to get our appetite started before the main course arrives.
This is their simple sashimi moriawase for 2 pax which consists of Tako, Maguro, Kampachi, Shake, Butterfish and Hotate. 3pieces each at RM68.00++. This is the cheapest assorted sashimi that I ever had in a Japanese restaurant like this. Despite the affordable price, they are still serving fresh and high quality raw fishes. What is worth to highlight is the butter fish. It is so delicious with the butter fragrance. Of course they do not apply any butter on it. The butter fragrance is in the fish itself. Only a fresh butterfish will brings you the smooth buttery taste which it will melt in your mouth without much effort. A part of that, the maguro is one of the best I have tasted so far. Not many restaurants can impress me with their maguro like this restaurant did.
This is the largest maki I ever had in my whole life. Usually a big size like this, they will have more rice in it but Chef James used more ingredients he can find in his kitchen and put in it. It was really astonishingly delicious. Your teeth easily sink into the fragrant vinegar rice and ended up with crunchy ingredients which gave you all kinds of flavor that you would expect from it.However, the real reason for this maki to be delicious is the sauce. You just going to love their unique homemade sauce. Chef James reluctant to tell me the secret but I can roughly guess is the mayonnaise infused with curry powder. That is why it is in yellow color. Usually people will think is mustard. It gave very little spicy kick but the curry powder fragrance that enhanced the taste of the maki so well. You just going to love the sauce.
Chef James's special ability is his grilling skill. However, I found out that his another skill is making his unique homemade sauce. This is another sauce which he made himself after tried from other Indonesian restaurant. It was really delicious. It comes with savory flavor in it which is really appetizing. Apart of that, he grilled these octopus ring so well which you can taste the thick barbecue taste infused in it. The fragrance is just superbly magnificent.
Not just grilling. His deep fried kung-fu is as good as his grilling skill too. Never know a tempura can look this beautiful after deep fried with majestic golden color. The tempura is so crunchy on the outside while the inside is soft, juicy and most importantly the ebi was super sweet! Seriously, I do not wish to share this tempura at all. I wanted to have it all on my own.
Speaking of innovative and creativity, there is no restaurant did so well like this restaurant did in their dessert menu. Normally, a Japanese restaurant will have fruit platter, mochi and ice cream in their dessert menu. However, at Kiraku, you get to try their signature Creme Brulee Sesame. Usually I enjoy having a creme brulee which is filled with vanilla flavor in it but somehow I experienced something different which is a creme brulee without the vanilla bean can be so good too! This creme brulee is filled with white sesame fragrance in it. Every bite of it is absolutely scrumptious! You just wish they would be more generous with their portion. 
Actually what this restaurant truly different than any other Japanese restaurant is they have private Teppanyaki rooms. There are 2 large rooms as shown on the picture and 6 smaller rooms. You got to see the chef in action just like what you usually see in the Japanese drama. A lot of famous celebrities and well-known people visited this restaurant just for their Teppanyaki. Such as the Raja Permaisuri Agong, Tuanku Hajah Haminah binti Hamidun, our 4th Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad, Director of AirAsia, Mr. Tony Fernandes and many more. I will definitely try their Teppanyaki in my next visit for sure. Overall, I do acknowledged that they did revamp their menu and quality since my last visit here. Their effort to make Shaftsbury Square into a well-known food heaven will be seen by many others soon. Keep up the good effort! P.S: This is a pork free restaurant. Even our Queen has visited this restaurant, so what are you waiting for?
Kiraku Japanese Restaurant
P3-25, Shaftsbury Square,
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 6,
63000 Cyberjaya
Tel: 03-83186003
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3.00pm; 5.00pm - 10.00pm

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