Restoran Dan Khidmat Sajian Kaka, Jerudong

This trip is my third trip to Brunei and is the best trip ever among all. The reason is I get to know some nice local Bruneian to take me around to try their Bruneian cuisine at Restoran Dan Khidmat Sajian Kaka. Special thanks to Mars Liew to make this happened.
This restaurant is not very big but it is one of their famous restaurant for their Bruneian cuisine. I would expect a famous restaurant like this will have at least 2 shop lots space.
Nasi Katok @BS1.30
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - Nasi Katok is a simple Bruneian chicken rice which consists of white rice, fried chicken and chili paste. The reason for this simple dish to be this good is their chili paste which makes you able to eat the whole rice with the chili paste even without the chicken. I am not sure how they cook the white rice because it is not the ordinary white rice that I used to have. They are amazingly fragrant which you can taste the fragrance in every single rice. As for the chicken, it is not a big size chicken but the way they fried it with lots of spices roam inside your mouth on every bite you eat. The total combination of these simple three has make this dish to be extra delicious. The price is a little high because usually it is sold at B$1.00 only at other places. I will share a little why it is called Nasi Katok. Katok means "Ketuk" in Malay and "Knock" in English. The way they prepare this Nasi Katok is first putting the brown wrapping paper in a cup and they will fill rice in first and they will "knock" on the once. Next will be chili paste and they will knock the second time on the table and lastly follow by the fried chicken. That's why it is called Nasi Katok because of the knocking sound.

Ambuyat (2 pax) @B$15.00
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - Ambuyat is made from pouring hot water into ambulung or better known as sago. Sago is derived from a tree trunk, believe it or not. The trunk of a rumbia tree (scientific name, metroxylon), a family of palm trees such as coconuts, are used to make sago. The trees are cut down. Then they are stripped of fronds and other coverings before being cut into several pieces. These cut pieces are stripped of their hard bark. The pieces are then scraped or grated by machine onto a sluice. 

The Ambuyat is eaten or rather swallowed using a two-pronged bamboo stick called a chandas which is a Bruneian chopstick. As it is quite tasteless, it is taken with a sauce made from sour local fruits like binjai (mango like fruit but very sour). Even though the portion is written for 2 pax only but actually it can somehow feed 4 pax of me. It is really a lot.
The Ambuyat is rolled around the chandas until about the size of a small fist (children’s size preferably unless you got a really big mouth – physically that is), immerse it into the sauce and swallow the whole thing without chewing. I really do enjoy "playing" with it and at the same time eating it. It is a smooth texture which is tasteless but after you mixed with binjai sauce which gives you the sourish and spicy kick, this has become an amazing dish.
There is a history for Ambuyat too. During the World War II, the Japanese Army has invaded Brunei which forced the locals to flee away to the forest without any food. Hunting for food in the forest is going to expose their location to the ruthless Japanese army so they have no choice but to make a food out from Sago tree which is now known as Ambuyat, their national dish. Right now there are a lot of side dishes accompany with this Ambuyat as you can see from the photos above. Those are Ikan Rebus, Masak Urat Panggang, Sambal Belacan Ulam dan Kangkong Belacan. You can customize your side dishes to your preference.
Look at this line for the Nasi Katok. It is an essential source of food for the Bruneian. Imagine that you just need B$1.00 to fulfill your dinner. That's really cheap and affordable. You can add extra chicken in your Nasi Katok but the top up can cost you two packs of Nasi Katok. So you might as well buy two packs of Nasi Katok instead. My overall experience on Bruneian cuisine is truly great! I really hope someone will bring this dish to Peninsular Malaysia. I had enough of Thai cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, Vietnamese Cuisine and Indo-Chinese Cuisine already.
Total Damage: B$33.90 (8 pax)
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Recommended?: Yes

Restoran Dan Khidmat Sajian Kaka
Unit 2&3, Block A,
Jerudong Atiya Compleks
Spg 100, Kg Sengkurong
Jalan Jerudong, BSB Brunei
Tel: 2672333

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