Berakas Beach, Brunei

For a small country like Brunei, they do have a lot of beach spots around with well equipped facility. Berakas beach is one their beaches. Not the famous one but still it is a well maintained beach I would say. 
There is no entry charges or parking charges or any charges applied to use the facility here. Unlike in Malaysia, if without these charges, the facility will be vandalized and definitely there is no swing at all over here. That's the sad part about Malaysia's beaches. 
Berakas beach is not a big and popular beach to compare their most famous beach which is the Serasa Beach or Muara Beach. However, this beach is just nice because the crowd over here is smaller and you will get the barbecue pit easily without the need to come early for booking.
As I mentioned earlier, you get to enjoy this beach absolutely free. You do not even need to spend anything for using their toilet and their toilet is quite clean and hygienic somehow. I am pretty amazed! I can't imagine if is in Malaysia. Seriously, no offense but it was already well known to everyone who is Malaysian. I am truly salute the Bruneian culture.
The sand is not those whitey sandy beach. The rubbish can be seen along the beaches which is the negative part about this beach.
This is the landscape view of the park which amazingly clean but not the beach itself. My assumption is the rubbish is from the sea.
The waves is really strong on that day. Not really a good choice to swim but I am not there for a swim.
I am there with my lovely bunch of Bruneian friends for a photo shooting. I will share a few photos of my photo shooting over there.
Photos are unedited to remain the originality. That's my style. I really want to thank Mars Liew for bringing me around Brunei and become a model now.
This location is not a bad choice for a photo shooting. I really enjoy the backdrop.
This is the last photo out of hundreds over photos I took on that day. Hope you all like it.
This beach is strictly closed at 6.30pm. I do not know how they will chase people away from the beach because I was there until 6.30pm but I do not see anyone there to ask us to leave. Well, we just obey the rules and leave. Overall, I do think this is a great hangout place for a great family picnic. However, I do not recommend to swim in the sea.
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

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