Volcano Shabu Shabu @Shaftsbury Square

On the same row of the famous Kiraku Japanese Restaurant, Ikhasas Group opened another outstanding restaurant which is known as Volcano Shabu Shabu. They have two locations on the same level. They separated them because one is for the buffet and one is for ala-carte. What I am going to introduce here is their buffet style.
This place is seriously lots of people during lunch hour especially on Friday where those who doesn't need to go for Friday prayer will enjoy their 2 hours 30 minutes break in this restaurant and they got to eat all they can. Advance booking is highly advisable or else you have to wait until someone finished but that is highly unlikely because all the diners here seems like wanted to sit in here till their break is almost finished.
The price here is really affordable. Their lunch buffet is only at RM21.90++/pax while dinner is RM24.90++/pax. If you have children below 120cm tall, they got to enjoy at the price of RM9.90++/pax only. The price is very competitive and attractive enough but you might have doubt on their quality since they are charging that cheap. Well, please do rest assure about their quality. I have tested it and I will show them to you below.
They got 3 choices of soup to offer here which are chicken, vegetarian and tomyam. As you can see from the picture, the hot and spicy looking soup is the tomyam. If you are not a person who can't tolerate with spiciness, please do skip this tomyam soup. 
This is the reason why they can earn their regular customers here - "The Sauce"! Out of 2/3 of the customers who dined on that day. they voted their sauce is the reason for them to return here. Spicy Sauce is the customer's favorite when they wanted to challenge their own spiciness tolerance level. For those who prefer something light but flavoring, Hong Kong Sauce and their homemade Volcano Sauce are their ultimate choices. Some other sauces they have are Thai Chili Sauce and Chicken Sauce.
What about the 1/3 of the customers like about this restaurant? This counter which serves fresh seafood. When I said fresh, they are really 100% fresh.
This are the prawns which are really fresh and they are gone within seconds when everytime they are refilling them. It is exaggerating but true. The prawns are very sweet which you can eat up to 30 pieces all by yourself.
Their other seafood highlight is their dory fish. Smooth, sweet and tender meat which will makes you to go for another round.
They only have one type of noodle which is the Yee Mee. In my opinion, Yee Mee is the best noodle to serve together with your steamboat. The reason is the Yee Mee absorb the essence of the soup so well and it released the egg fragrance together with savory soup the moment you put into your mouth. My advise to you when cooking the Yee Mee is not to cook too long. Leave a little crispiness in it to give you some biting sensation delight.
They have a sushi belt which are for their processed food such as their fish cake, crab meat roll, tofu and etc. I am not really a  big fan of processed food so it is your own preference whether you like it or not. I prefer more handmade food which they do not serve here. They only serve their handmade food in their ala-carte restaurant. The reason is customers here are seeking for fresh meat and fresh seafood only. They find it more worthwhile to have those rather than the handmade food.
Here is the fresh meat process counter. This is where the fresh meat sliced into fine piece and serve to you. It is sliced upon order only. So you may call the waiter to ask for how many plates you want. 
There are only 3 meats served here. This is the chicken meat.
Here is the lamb meat which is my favorite among all. There are no pork served in this restaurant. Basically this is a halal restaurant, so all my Malay friends are going to like this restaurant a lot.
Their beef is not a bad choice too. I like how they finely sliced the meat which is just nice for your mouth to chew on.
This is their water and dessert station. They have a ice cream machine which you can make your own ice cream.
It is fun to play along with it somehow. They have 3 choices for you to choose from which are vanilla, chocolate or vanilla and chocolate as you can see in the picture above. I would prefer if their ice cream flavors are not artificial flavors. It would be perfect if it is a made from real chocolate and vanilla.
Overall, I can see this is one of a successful steamboat that is going to attract people in Cyberjaya. However, I would suggest if they can have more choices of fresh seafood such as mussels, clams, crayfish, crab and fresh oyster. That will be superb. Anyway, this is still a good dining place that you shouldn't miss especially the price is so reasonable.
Volcano Shabu Shabu
Shaftsbury Square, 
P3-17, Persiaran Multimedia, 
Cyber 6, 63000 Cyberjaya
Tel: +603 8319 1928
Business Hours: 11.30am - 5.30pm (lunch); 5.30pm - 9.30pm (dinner) - opens daily

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