Lady Cave, Mulu

My caving adventure continues to the Clearwater & Cave of the Wind. Lady Cave is a very small cave located between these 2 caves. Too small to be mentioned in the tour itinerary but you will have your quick 5 minutes walk there. Before that, you have to take a 15 minutes boat ride.
It is supposed to be just 10 minutes boat ride but because of the dry season, the water level in the river has make it difficult for the boat to travel at some certain shallow spots. 
Look at how shallow the river is. At some point we have to get down from the boat to reduce the weight. Yes, be prepared to get wet when you are travelling to these caves during dry season.
It is really uncomfortable to walk in a soaking wet shoes. So it is advisable to buy a comfortable strap sandal. Anyway, here we are at the entrance of the Lady Cave on the right and Clearwater Cave on the left.
The scary part is looking at these straws hanging above us. Luckily they are not make of ice or else I will surely not going into this cave...too dangerous. This is the view of these straws when you looking up. Wow...too scary. Anyway, our country is free from earthquake and volcano so do travel with ease in any part of Malaysia.
Even this cave is small, I like their entrance the best. Look at the sun shining on the greens. Really beautiful. It gives you the feeling that you would like to believe in miracle in this world. least that's how I felt at that moment.
Even the tourists think the same too. What do you think? Isn't it amazing beyond words?
That's the lady! That is why it is called Lady Cave. Pretty amazing huh? Looks like a human has turned into a rock.
Not a lot stalagmite and stalactite to see in this cave.
And not a lot of flowstone too.
The cave ceiling is not very high so the flashlight is able to serve it's purpose here. 
There are streams in this cave and it is connected to the Clearwater Cave.
This lookout point is the end of road for this cave where we have to turn back.
Just opposite the lookout point, there is a cave like shown in the picture above. There is a deep cliff separating the lookout point and the cave. According to our guide, there are people trying to explore the cave to see if there are anything inside but the results are disappointing. Nothing is beyond that so called cave.
Overall view inside this Lady Cave. Short trip but it is awesome. They will not mention about this cave for this tour until you arrive here because the main highlights are the Clearwater Cave and Cave of the Wind.
This Clearwater and Cave of the Wind tour is chargeable at RM55.00/pax which inclusive guide without any lunch. So you have to bring your own lunch box and water because the whole trip will consume 4 - 5 hours of your time.
Things to bring:
1) A non-slip pair of shoes or a strap sandal
2) A bright torchlight with extra batteries just in case you running out of battery in the cave.
3) Wear shorts so that you can walk comfortably.

Total Damage: RM55/pax
Ambiance: 3/5
Freakout: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes

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