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Jungle Trekking to Camp 5, Pre-tour before Pinnacle Climb

Off we go heading to the Camp 5. That is the camp that we will sleep for 2 nights while we are going to conquer the peak of the Pinnacle. We signed up for a package for this Mulu Pinnacle Climb which cost almost RM1800/pax inclusive full board meals, accommodation, full board meals and trips to 4 caves which I have shared earlier on prior to this post. You can walk in to the information center at Mulu National Park to sign up for this tour. No meals will be provided but only transportation and a guide.
There is an hour boat ride before we going to make a 9km jungle trekking to the Camp 5. It is supposed to be a very relaxing boat ride and see great scenery together with the crystal clear river.
Until this! Big big spoiler! The water level is too low in certain area for boat to ride on.
In the end, I have to push myself. Actually, I can choose not to but that does not help to shorten my time to reach the camp 5 before sunset.
Look at how shallow the river is. The propeller on the engine boat was badly wrecked after this trip.
A simple one hour boat ride has took us more than 90 minutes pushing the boat like this. Very tiring.
Finally we are arrived at Kuala Litut but I have already exhausted 80% of my energy. This Sungai Merlinau is really gave us a lot of trouble.
Please bear in mind that I have said earlier there is a 9km walk into the jungle before reaching the Camp 5. This is just too crazy for me. Estimated time to reach the Camp 5 is 2 hours 30 minutes.
It is not very hard to walk in this jungle because as you can see there is man made pathway which is very easy for us to see and walk on. Very beautifully made. The stones are from the river and it had moss grown on them over time.
There are 2 bridges like this where you will need them to cross the river. 
I never know just 1km walk can be so long. This signboard just does not please me.
I can't take any more picture after this because I was carrying more 20kg bag. It is my mistake to choose Mulu as my second stop after my 10 days trip at Kota Kinabalu. They do not have porter service to help me carry the bag and also there is no place for me to unload some of my weight before travel to camp 5. This is what I dislike most about the management of this tour agency.
Finally!!! I took almost 3 hours to reach this Camp 5. I almost can't feel my shoulder after this walk. I can't believe I am going to carry the same weight and walking back again after 2 nights over here.
There is a very nice view here in front of the Camp 5. When you see the mountains has no trees on the side of it, that means there are caves there. This is what I have learned there.
Here is the site map to know where you are located. There are Camp 1 - 4 if you are going for a Gunung Mulu climb. This is the Camp 5 for the Pinnacle Climb only. If you would like to make Gunung Mulu climb, you will need to climb for 2 days 1 night at the mountain. It is the same way if you have experience Mount Kinabalu climb before. The only difference is Gunung Mulu is much harder than any other mountain in Malaysia because of their steepness almost 80 degrees climb.
There is a river connecting to the Camp 5 and I just do not understand why the boat is not able to reach here instead. It is going to save my 3 hours on the 9km torturing walk. Maybe because of the river too shallow? Or they just want to add the 9km jungle trekking fun?
There is a nice relaxing place by the river. Please take not that your cellular devices are absolutely useless here. There are no tiny bit of signal here. According to our guide, there was once Maxis was trying to set up a broadcasting station here but has been declined by the park. They are trying to keep this nature away from technology. I do find it great to be away from those devices and get closer between other humans. Do you think you can do it too?
This is the dining area where they will serve your dinner and your tea break. For those who does not have their meals covered, you need to cook your own food. You need to carry some raw food from outside in here. They are selling some too but they are freaking expensive and you still have to cook for yourself. Can you imagine their 100 plus is sold at RM5.20 and they have beer here too at RM15.00.
This is the dormitory we are staying in. They do not specifically separate between a female dormitory and male dormitory. Everyone just sleep together. However do not worry about their bathroom, even though it is shared bathroom, they do separate it properly. 
This is the place we sleep on. The only thing is provided here is just a waterproof mat. No pillow, no blanket, no towel and not even a fan will be provided here. Actually you do not need a fan here, you would need a blanket more because it is really cold at night.
There are mosquito net available for rent which cost at RM50 for single and RM100 for double type. There are mosquito here so it is really compulsory to rent one if you are prone to be "loved" from this irritating insect.
Here are some reading for you to click on the picture to enlarge about the Pinnacle.

If your package is included with meal, I can honestly telling you that they make a very good meal and willing to feed you until you can fill in anymore.
The only thing I dislike is there are a lot of bees here and I absolutely clueless with what is going on with these bees. It is not that we have a lot of flowers around this area and look at what are the bees are doing on the wet smelly shoes. I wonder who wants to taste the honey made from that shoes. Hahaha...anyway, stay tuned for the next post about my expedition conquering the Mulu Pinnacle.
Things to bring:
1) Good pair of hiking shoes
2) Hiking sticks
3) Water (2 liter per person)
4) Energy bar, chocolate bar, biscuits
5) Old clothes to throw after this tour
6) Towel
7) Mosquito Net (you can rent here if you do not want to carry)
8) Inflatable Pillow
9) Sleeping bag 
10) Own food (if your package does not include meal)
11) Do not bring trolley bag here!!! Use backpack!

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