Cave of the Winds, Mulu

A short climb need to do to reach Cave of the Winds. This post is continue from my adventure at Clearwater and Cave of the Winds tour which started from Lady Cave. So I will repeat again that this tour cost RM55.00 per person for all 3 caves.
Here we are at the entrance of the Cave of the Winds. 
Here are the come introduction about this cave.You can click on the picture to enlarge.
Believe it or not, million years ago this cave is flooded with water. Right now it has dried up and becomes a cave.
Without water in here anymore, now this place has become very windy. The narrow spots like this can feel stronger wind. Very cool and cozy. 
This cave is very low too so be careful with your head.
As you can see that, we kept on climbing upwards. The more we climb the stronger wind we can felt.
We spotted a camel head! Looks like a camel to you? Maybe a llama? Anyway, it is amazing to see this rock seems like growing side way and stop. I just do not get it how do they get this shape? A camel got cursed? LOL
Here we are at the source of the wind.
Since we are at the higher ground in the cave now, this is how it looks like if you look down from the walk way.
This cave is not too huge and wide. Flashlight still able to give some light to the subject you would want to take.
Here we are at the Kings Chamber. Really do like one! Those ancient kings who loves to stay in a cave. This is the ending point of this cave.
This is the starting point of the Kings Chamber. Basically, we are going one round of the Kings Chamber. The previous picture is the ending point of this chamber.
There a lot of large flowstone like this. I wish I can show you more pictures but I might flood my own blog with just pictures only. So I only select some pictures worth to share with you.
Lots of pillar/column too!
We are climbing up as if we are going to meet a king sitting at this throne up there.
Look at these pillars! Really amazing scenery to see. I do hope I have a wide angle lens so that I can share with you how grand this chamber is.
This is how it is look like when taken from the top.
The total duration of this tour for this cave is just about one hour. Too many things to see and too many things you would like to capture with your camera. It is just simply amazing!
There is another cave which is next to the Cave of the Winds which is the Moon Milk Cave. Unfortunately as you can read from the picture above, it is closed due to minor landslide in the cave. It is closed for safety measurement.
What is left with Moon Milk Cave is just this introduction board about it. I would like to know more about why it is call Moon Milk Cave. Maybe there is a rock looks like a moon pouring milk?

Things to bring:
1) A non-slip pair of shoes or a strap sandal
2) A bright torchlight with extra batteries just in case you running out of battery in the cave.
3) Wear shorts so that you can walk comfortably.

Total Damage: RM55.00/pax
Ambiance: 3/5
Freakout Level: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes

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