Clearwater Cave, Mulu

Continue from the Cave of the Winds exploration, this is the walkway connecting to the Clearwater Cave. I will repeat again for the cost of this tour is RM55.00 per pax for the whole tour not inclusive lunch and water.
This is my personal favourite among all the caves I have been at Mulu comparing with Lang Cave, Deer Cave and Cave of the Winds.
The moment I stepped inside this cave, I can hear the sound of the stream. Very calm and with wind blowing into the cave. No bat's poo smell...that's the best of all!!!
Photography can be very tough here because this cave is spacious and not as spacious as Deer Cave. A tripod is prohibited in any caves in Mulu so you need a steady pair of hand and leg. The above picture is taken using a flash.
You compare with this picture without a flash. So you will see the realistic of the actual scene in the cave. My challenge is I am having a shaky hand. So please do bear with my picture if there are any that is not pleasing for your eyes.
This is the river in the cave. It is very shallow now due to dry season.
Usually the normal water level of this river is at the darken black color at the right side of the river.
This is the bridge that I am standing on in the earlier picture for the shot.
Not many artificial light in this cave but you just need one to make a cool picture with it. I have to push my ISO to the highest because I lost my stability after lifting one leg up in a flashlight off situation.
This is the view of the river when you are looking down from the top. So clear...I wish to jump in and swim!
Amazing right? This is why I like this cave the most. This awesome feeling which is hardly able to be described in words easily. 
It looks like a similar kind of hole that you see in my Cave of the Winds post. The only difference is this produce the sunlight into this cave.
Look at this stone. The guide said is a sun stone. This stone breath carbon dioxide like plants and growing towards the sunlight!
This is the side look of the stones. Pretty incredible huh? I do not know how will it looks like when it grows out from that hole. Possible? If possible, how many millions year that would be?
We are climbing further up to see a great view from the top.
These pillars are like a cactus in the cave.
The climb is not end yet. At this area, flash able to serve its purpose.
This is a shot from the top to the cave entrance. Does it looks like a human's throat to you?
View from the top on the river.
That's the end of the tour and it took us a little much longer than any other caves and you should know the reason by now. Tour duration was almost 90 minutes.
The experience in this cave is truly unforgettable for me. I can feel the cave is alive and breathing. That is how amazing it is.
Time for swimming! It is very shallow due to dry season and this is the river that is connecting to the river inside the cave! Very chilling cold river but the river is crystal clear. A lot of tourists just couldn't resist the temptation and getting undress very fast and jump into the river.
Those greenish area is a very deep area. So swim at your own risk. No lifeguard there.
That's all for the Clearwater and Cave of the Winds tour. Most of the tourists only signed up for this tour but for me I will continue my journey to the Pinnacle Climb. Catch up in my next post about this journey.
Things to bring:
1) A non-slip pair of shoes or a strap sandal
2) A bright torchlight with extra batteries just in case you running out of battery in the cave.
3) Wear shorts so that you can walk comfortably.

Total Damage: RM55.00/pax
Ambiance: 4/5
Freakout Level: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes

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