Sunlight Rock, Gulangyu Vile

After Shuzhuang Garden, now it is the most famous tourist spot among all which is known as Sunlight Rock. You can missed all other tourist spots but you cannot miss this. 
Situated at the top of Dragon Head Hill in the central by south of Gulangyu Island, Sunlight Rock consists of two huge rocks, one horizontal; and the other vertical. The two rocks leaning on with each other, with an elevation of 92.68 meters, form the highest spot of Gulangyu Island. A huge rock is piercing into the sky. The lofty and rugged rocks in the mountains form many caverns and gullies, while pavilions, kiosks and terraces are tucked away in the lushly growing woods. 
This place is very big so you need to study the map well. You may take up to 2 hours in this place. The charges is at RMB60.00/pax. It is the most expensive entrance fee in this island.
The Sunlight Rock Scenic Area includes many tourist attractions, such as Sunlight Rock, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall and Piano Garden. Also known as Huang Rock, Sunlight Rock is the most famous scenic spot in Xiamen. As the saying goes: ”It will be a trip to Xiamen in vain without climbing Sunlight Rock.”
You can start your journey but do some prayer in this unique temple.
This temple is built from a cave and Goddess of Mercy is the god in this temple.
There are a lot of writings like there on the rock.
I do not know how to read them so I did a stunt on it.
A closer look on the writing to see how detail is the word carving.
There are some bronze figurines around this place. Spot them and take picture with them. They are all very well done piece of art.
I like to take a ride on a horse instead. However, my hand smells full of steel after that. Eww...
Let's proceed our climb with an ice-cream. The ice-cream here is very expensive. Urgh!
Very steep staircase so be extra careful with your steps
We are halfway there and we can see the glorious peak already!!!
And finally we are here to put a "Titanic act" into it.
Amazing panoramic view of the Gulangyu Vile 
From here you can view the Xiamen island. That is how close between both of them.
Skyscrapers are on the other side while here are all common houses and shops. What a drastic difference!
Be careful with your hats! The wind is very strong above here and I like it so much!
Overall, this place is worth to visit even though the entrance fee is extremely expensive. Basically it is just about the trip to the peak but many people willing to pay for it. There is a cable car to ride here but I unable to find it. So you can imagine how big this place is. What a waste because the fare has included it in.
Total Damage: RMB120.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Recommended?: Yes

Opening hours: 05:00-21:00
Admission: RMB60.00 yuan/pax(including Sunlight Rock, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Piano Garden and the cableway) 
Tel: 86-592-2063094


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