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Shuzhuang Garden, Gulangyu Vile

In my previous post, I have mentioned that I only able to visit 2 places out of 7 famous tourist spots on this island. So I will introduce Shuzhuang Garden first which is cost at RMB30.00/pax. What to expect here are flowers, piano museum and the Twelve Grotto Heaven.
Here are the flowers which are blooming so attractively.
You will see these trees full of flowers during the month of July.
Next is the landscape of this garden. They are all natural and it is awesome! It is a private villa first constructed in 1913 by Lin Erjia, a wealthy businessman from Taiwan. Shuzhuang Garden is known for its well-conceived layout and borrowed scenes. The designer cleverly adopted the hiding, borrowing and ingenious methods to design the garden, making man-made structures and natural scenery well blended in good harmony, and enabling visitors to enjoy different scenes when moving a step forward. The garden faces the sea and backs on to Sunlight Rock, including hills ,the sea, bridges, forests and flowers. 
The lake is so green and the most important thing is you do not see rubbish floating in it. The garden is divided into two parts— Garden Hiding the Sea, and Garden Making-Up Hills. The sea is hidden from view in the garden, and the garden is expanded by the sea. The hill is made up by rocks, and the sky is hidden in caves.
This landscape was made by a typhoon which constantly hit every year. But after they built a Zheng Chenggong huge granite statue in 1985, the typhoon has been miraculously tamed. Even there still got typhoon but no longer as strong as before. It is a myth or one knows but one thing for sure is there is always a miracle.  
Because there is no longer a typhoon to worry, they can built a pathway circling the rock like this. 
The garden is huge! You will spent almost 2 hours going around this garden with lots of photos to take!
There are two piano museum here to visit. If you are a piano lover, you will like these museum as you can see the history of piano and they collected every single piano in the history. However, no photo shoot is allowed in the museum. That is the sad part.
For me, the best part of this Shuzhuang Garden is this Twelve Grotto Heaven. It is like a maze in there which is made by rocks. The fun part is to locate 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac.
Look at how messy the rocky maze is. You will never know which part it is lead to. If you do not believe, try to separate into two teams. One starts from the top and one starts from the bottom. Scream and make all the sound you like to make sure both teams able to meet somewhere in the middle. It is not easy and you will find it very funny when you find that you are so near but still cannot meet. If you succeed, congratulations to you!
If you dislike the first challenge, you may try the second one which is to locate all 12 animals in Chinese Zodiac in this rocky maze. Not easy...
Look at how steep the staircase is. Do be careful with your steps.
And how tight the pathway...always do it one person at a time for safety precaution.
Every each animal will take you to a small cave like this. So you will find 12 small caves.
Amazing place and I do believe RMB30.00/pax is very worth it! When entering the garden, tourists will not see the ocean as their view is blocked by a wall screen. Shuzhuang Garden contains 44 meandering bridges. Walking on the bridges, tourists will feel as if they stepped on waves.
This is the place you should not be missed! All the scenic spots in the garden complement with each other in picturesque disorder, and form an integral whole. The exquisite and refined courtyards form a sharp contrast with roaring waves and flying seagulls, each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company. Tourists will be surely attracted by the garden’s fascinating scenery.  
Total Damage: RMB60.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Recommended?: Yes

Opening hours: 05:30-20:00  
05:30-07:30 RMB15.00/person  
07:30-18:00 RMB30.00/person  
18:00-20:00 RMB15.00/person  
Tel: 86-592-2063680  

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