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Night Walk @Gulangyu Vile

After getting to know more about Gulangyu Vile, now it is more detail about the nightlife at Gulangyu Vile. All the tourist spots are closed at night so the only places you can go is their street. 
The street for night walk is not big so it is pretty crowded. Please be extra careful for pickpockets. However during the day, this place is practically safe.
There are some famous food stall in this island such as this yogurt stall. Selling fresh yogurt and their best selling yogurt is the Mango Yogurt. My review to that is pretty common. Nothing special but not that bad at all either.
I spent my dinner by indulging all sorts of road side food because I wanted to try the local specialty. This is one of the famous stall which is selling fish ball.
They are selling at RMB10.00 for 8 pieces. It was very delicious but I changed my mind after asking a regretful question to the boss about what fish it is made of. He said: "Shark meat." I asked thrice for triple confirm. "Yes, shark meat!", he said and pointed to a bucket of shark meat. Gosh! I should have ask before I eat.
This is the most exaggerating queue among all other roadside stall. They are selling Fried Oyster with egg at RMB10.00 only. 
That's the little boy chef with his funny looking face and joking around with people who are waiting. I can see that he is enjoying with what he is doing very much! It taste good but I think the queue is a bit exaggerated. Well, it is people's effect. I roughly calculated the gross profit he earned a day from a queue like was RMB3000/day. He got 5 figure income per month...easily by selling just - Fried Oyster with egg
Another exaggerate queue is this ice cream wrap with peanut crush which is selling at RMB10.00/piece. 
The highlight is the thin skin of the wrapper and the sweet peanut crush. The ice cream is so-so.
Roti Canai at Gulangyu Vile??? RMB20.00 for Roti Canai??? No wonder they do not get their business.
If you are here for 2 days, try their seafood cuisine for your second night. It is very interesting way on how you dine the seafood here. Normally, a seafood restaurant will provide their own seafood for you to choose and cook. Over here, you will choose the seafood from the seafood market yourself along this road and bring to any of the shop opposite the market to cook. You negotiate the price in the market and some restaurant only charge RMB2.00/plate to cook your seafood only! Please take note that the seafood here are fresh but extremely expensive. You need great negotiation skill to get a reasonable price. Please do not be surprised if you have to argue or fight over with them for a good price. If you do not do that, they will earn a big chunk out from your wallet.
Every shops has their own design to attract their customers.
As for this shop is decorating the shop to a most awkward way which it is hard for me to called it vintage or messy. Haha!
Do buy some souvenirs here back even though they are expensive. The most important is the meaning of the souvenir. It is priceless.
Or you can opt for a simple keychain like this for RMB20.00 for a pair.
Take a look at their property pricing here!
I will just focus one of it which is catching my eyes. Almost 10 years property with only 216 meter square for each level of a four stories shop lots which is selling at RMB50million!!! In ringgit is RM25million!!! The price is firmed! Is there anyone wants to buy? Ridiculous! I can buy 25 prestige houses in Kuala Lumpur already with that money!
Overall, it is worth to travel here even though the cost will be slightly higher. Well, you are paying for a cleaner place, fresher air and beautiful landscape. Priceless! Btw, this island is a dating place so please do not expect amazing entertainment or amusement park. Expect romance only!

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