Wild Elephant Valley, Xi Shuang Ban Na

Xi Shuang Ban Na is located at the most southern part of Yunnan province and it is very near to the border of Myanmar. So do not surprise to see there are Myanmar wordings in this area. The buildings are also in very Myanmar style. It is very obvious that Myanmar culture has been injected to the people of China at this area. So I went to their most popular tourist spot which is known as Wild Elephant Valley to see elephant show. If you know, elephant is always an iconic symbol in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. Since this area has been influenced by Myanmar, they also believe in elephant to be an iconic symbol. RMB40/pax for the entrance.  If you are local at that area is RMB20/pax
There are small elephant too for riding by the kids. This is what happened before the show starts with all the photography session to do.
Skip the photography part and let's start the show!
Elephant bowing to all the audience. I wonder they know what they are doing or not.
After bowing follows by wishing words to all the audience.
Next is to show off the elephant's balancing skill. Their nose are really strong!
I like to see animal sitting like human.
This is not easy and they really did very well!
Another beautiful stance by these 15,000 pound beasts!
It is pretty annoying when the show is running and they still performing elephant riding at the back.
That's the end of their skill performing.
Next is beauty contest and yes, the judge is none other than our Mr. Elephant with is big specs! First round of girls...all out!
Second round of girls also did not fancy our Mr. Elephant...seems like our judge has a higher demand of taste!
Finally he chose the winner! However, when the elephant tried to kiss her, she ran away and unable to be seen from the stage. 
So the Mr. Elephant had to choose again and finally a girl willing to be kiss by Mr. Elephant. So one of the staff getting his nose ready by wiping it clean.
Nah...there you go. I wonder how does it feel being kiss by an elephant.
Wow...she seems like enjoying it a lot! That's the end of the beauty contest. Hilarious!
More skill performing next...
Spinning skill...I wonder if he will feel dizzy after this...
Next is for the male spectator to perform his goalkeeping skill. 
The elephant will be using nose and leg to score...not and easy striker to defend against!
Last is to perform a multiple save from an elephant shots...he suddenly feel like wanted to have extra pair of hands.
So the performance ended. Only 30 minutes and the performing time is 11.00am, 1.30pm and 1.30pm. FYI, they usually do not start on time.
After the performance, you can choose to pay to ride the elephant, swing on elephant nose or take a tour on an elephant.
This is the longest and lousiest cable ride ever. It is an open air cable car and the cable car looks quite rusty. So the safety is a big doubt. I took at least 20 minutes ride of this cable car to another session. What is awaiting there is just plants and trees. RMB50/pax for one way but for the return ticket is RM20/pax. Ya, it is a weird pricing if you ask me.
This is a chalet which is for stay overnight in the middle of the jungle.
This is the elephant's playground where you will see them live just opposite of your chalet. I really not recommend this type of activity because the chalet is pretty run down.
You can choose to take the cable car back with additional RMB20.00/pax to pay or you can take a 45 minutes walk back to the starting point. As you can see from the picture, that is the platform built for you to walk back.
Walking back can be tiring and there is an option to go back to the starting point apart of walk and cable car ride which is this palanquin. Not sure the price but must be not cheap because I do not see anyone riding on it.
There are a couple of rest stop like this along the pathway. So take a rest for a longer road ahead.
Do not feel tired when you are accompany by this astonishing view of nature.
Along the way back to the starting point you will pass by the birds park.
You can photograph with these beautiful birds with a price of RMB20/pax. You can choose only on bird.
There is a bird performance here too! Only 4 shows in a day where each shows last for 15 minutes only.
Butterfly park is the next stop you will pass by along the way.
Thousand of butterflies like this around this place. Pretty awesome but there are not really a lot of species to be seen.
Finally we arrived back to the starting point! Yay! Overall, this place is for you to watch performances and getting closer with the nature. I very much against animal show! I had a dog and I know how hard to train a dog. These elephants which belongs to the wild are even harder to train. Cruel acts surely will be used on these elephants for them to be obedient. I really not recommending everyone to go for any animal shows. You can choose to get closer with the nature but not with animal shows.
Total Damage: RMB110.00
Service: 2/5
Recommended?: No


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