Aquaria KLCC @KL Convention Centre

Aquaria KLCC has built since 2002 and have you been there before? This is a state-of-the-art oceanarium showcasing over 5,000 exhibits of aquatic and land-bound creatures over a sprawling 60,000 square-foot space in the Concourse Level of the KL Convention Centre. They have 90m transparent tunnel with a moving walkway to take you past the marine life.The ticket pricing are RM35(adult) and RM25(child 3-12 years old and citizen above 60 years old)

Let's cut the briefing short and let the pictures below to do the talking.

Ah Jing, my primary schoolmate's baby girl and also our main character for today. Cute eh? Featuring her dog, "Wow - wow", that's how she named him.
That's my old schoolmate, Li Wei. Lovely eh?
What is that, Ah Jing? Is a turtle..say tur-tle.
Spectacular scene. The fishes keep on circling the tree.
I do not know what fish it is but it is real huge
Ikan Keli? But kinda 10x larger than the normal Ikan Keli I saw in the wet market
What a cute girl she is.
These are the species that you will see in Amazon Flooded Forest. All these fishes are huge! Bigger than Ah Jing!
She got scared with the big fishes so I have to hug her over for a photo shot.
She is still not aware of what is coming. 
That is what she will do when you ask her to smile and pose for a picture. Standard smile and pose.
Oh, I missed my diving experience when looking at this. Usually I am swimming with them.
Wow, Ah Jing is so brave...she is not afraid of this big fish!
Woah...that sea turtle came out from no where and scares us!
This is the 90m transparent tunnel with a moving walkway that I am talking about earlier on.
Sharks to see.
And other fishes.
I like this pic if the picture is not too noisy.
Let's end this wonderful expedition with a smile.
There are some highlights which I missed on that day and I wish to come back again someday. Those activities are:
1) Their feeding session
2) Dive with Sharks
3) Cage Rage

This is a great place for family as your kids have lots of things to learn. Start to teach them about wildlife and make them treasure the environment to become a responsible next generation. I am not sure if this place is suitable for couple and friends outing but unless you and your friends are up to the challenge of diving with sharks and cage rage activities. If to compare with Singapore's Underwaterworld, I still prefer the one at Singapore even though the price is slightly higher since it is in Singapore Dollar but the experience is truly amazing enough to make you feel it is worth every single dollar you spent.

Parking in this area is freaking expensive. So try to find fix rate open parking outside this convention center.

Total Damage: RM95.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: Maybe for the dive with sharks and cage rage programme only. Who wants to join together?

Aquaria KLCC Aquarium
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
03-2333 1888
Opening Hours:
11.00am - 8.00pm (Weekdays)
10.30am - 8.00pm (Weekends and Holidays)
Last entry 7.00pm

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