Victoria Rossa @Sri Hartmas Shopping Center

Merry Christmas to all my precious readers and supporters! I am not a person who celebrates Christmas but I am still celebrating because Christmas is the last celebration in a year. So I am celebrating because Christmas is to celebrate the end of my glorious year for me. I always feel one year is very short only when the year comes to the end...haha...I bet some of you think the same too.

I am pretty excited with what I am about to share with later because this post will be slightly more photos than usual. However, please enjoy as all these pictures are taken at Victoria Rossa, Sri Hartamas Shopping Center. Thanks to WeBuy, we are brought here for this great occasion and the link as follow:

Merry Christmas!!!
I prefer a white Christmas tree rather than a green one.
This 'guy' looks kinda 'ham-sap'
Ready your gifts to exchange with your love ones and friends? I like gift exchanging which normally I always ended up give but did not take. Maybe I am Santa! LOL
One nice decoration on the tree. I love the feeling when everyone bring their own little things to hang on the Christmas tree. It is not just as a decoration purpose but it is also a symbol of hanging our hope and joy onto the tree. Christmas is all about hope and joy, don't you think so?
Lotsa lovely Santa!
This is one cute snowman with the flowers.
Easter bunnies for Christmas?
Alright, enough for the decoration part and let's get in to the tea house.
You are advised to reserve a seat during weekends because their seat is extremely limited. I think only have less than 10 tables available. 
And their table is this kind of size. Small eh? If you are here in a bigger group, you might need to occupy more than one table already.
As you can see, their tables are really few and limited.
Let's choose our tea. They has a lot of types of tea to choose from. I wish to try them all one day.
Orange Meringue, English Tea Toast Almond Cookies, Old-Fashion English Scone, Old-English Butter Cake and Victorian Tea Sandwich.
Outlook: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: N/A
Overall: 4/5 - Deliciously speechless. The bread for the sandwiches itself is not a normal plain bread that I usually had. This one is with tasty crunchy sunflower seed with it. Even their jam is specially made which it is available for sale separately.

Exclusive tools to feast on them. Yay!
Scones are available from RM6.00 - RM7.00 per piece. I do not understand why they has a price range instead of one fixed price on it but one thing I know is trust me they are really delicious to eat while it is still hot.
Victorian Isabella Tea.
I do not have to rate this because it is absolutely fragrance and aromatically captivating.
Victorian Rebecca Tea
Another excellent tea which brings out a slight minty flavor in it.
Look at how the tea bag looks like in the pot.
Yes, one person is only dedicated for one pot only. You are strictly not allowed to share. Their house rules. Other house rules are you need to carry the pot to the counter for refill and the refill is allowed for one time only. Seriously, I do not think it is 'elegant' to carry your own teapot to the counter for a refill because I am having an English Afternoon Tea and it is not some what Chinese Kopitiam drinking Tieguanyin. Apart of that, adding lemon, tea or honey will be charged separately.
Smell the tea and drink...what's more you can ask more for life?
Wow! She does looks like enjoying it every moment.
It is ice-cream time! They only have 6 selection of ice creams available.
Left is Cookies & Cream which I still prefer the one from Haagen Dazs. While on the right is their Old-Fashioned Raisin. I like this one the most because tasted like Rum & Raisin and better than Haagen Dazs at some point.
Yes, you can purchase their tea separately.
More tea!
And more tea!!! That's why I said earlier, they really have a lot of tea to choose from their menu. I think needs a month for me to try all their tea.
Seriously, I want to bring this home as my table lamp and I don't care if you are going to call me sissy after that. LOL
This is another session which I almost missed it out here. Thanks to the lovely lady boss for pointing me out and asked me to take some more pictures over here. That's very nice of her.
You need to pay RM6,000 if anything broken here. Wow!
I really like their decoration here. Fantastic!
They have another 2 tables here which is quite isolated from the main area.
Whoopsss~~~ I took too long for my so called "Afternoon Tea"!!! Dinner is coming but I am still very full! Arghhh...kinda hate my Asian stomach.
Okay picture and we gotta go okay?
As you can see, they are located at the middle of the shopping mall at Level 1.
Another amazing Afternoon Tea time for me! I am so blessed here! You have to agree with me once you dine in here that their teas and bakeries are truly astonishing awesome! Not just that! Their design...their outlook really adding their drinks and foods extra delicious somehow.

However, nothing is perfect as always. As you realized that I mentioned earlier about their house rules is really absurd at certain point for me. Other than that will be, the main counter is almost 100% block by the pillar (which you can see from the last picture) from their customers. So it will be hard for us as a customer to reach them for anything. Please do not mentioned about the isolated 2 tables. That's even worst. If they have a wireless call bell placed in every table, that will solve all these issue easily. Another thing is about the boss, something wrong with him somehow when the first time I saw him. He hardly smile which makes us feel he is quite rude with his tone at some point. I am not sure if he is going through a very bad mood that day or he is born to be like that. Either way, I think when facing his customers, he should treat them nicely with a simple smile. That's how to stamp a permanent good memory to every each of his customers. I prefer lady boss...she is lovely and nice! Hee~

Anyway, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Let's prepare ourselves for a new 2012 in a week time! March forward with a BIG smile!!! =)

Total Damage: RM34.90
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Will I Revisit?: Recommended

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room
K20, Level 1,
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
50480 Sri Hartamas
Tel: 03-6201 4703
Business Hours: 10.30am - 8.30pm (daily)

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