Bread & Butter @Viva Home

Today, I feel like the end of the world for me. Numbness feeling runs throughout my whole body and emotion. Because...when I open my Canon 600D from my camera bag and found out that my Hoya HD Filter (RM450) broken into pieces, my Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC lens cap (RM1500) is stucked together with my Hoya Filter and the worst part is my Tamron lens no longer function well. My Tamron lens only can work between 17mm to barely 35mm focal length. Seems like the zoom rings is broken internally. I never know my DSLR camera damage itself after a drop inside my camera bag can be still this extensive. The consolation part is my Canon 600D is still functioning well. So the below picture is taken using my badly damage Tamron lens. Ouch!

I still have to continue this professionally so let's move on to today's agenda. Yup, a breakfast at Viva Home, Cheras. Jackcow voucher brought us here to experience something other than just ordinary bread. The link for the deal as follow:

Certainly that sounds like a deal with barely RM5.00 for a great breakfast!

Testing shot...hmm...seems like it still works perfectly, it is just limit until 33mm focal length only. =(
A tiny shop with 5 tables only.
Close shot on their bread.
Hazelnut Chocolate
Hot Honey Milk - not the best honey milk I had so far.
A cute stirring spoon...just can't help to take a bite on it. Haha
Honey Bread
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: N/A
Overall: 3/5 - The bread is soft. The whole idea on this bread is normal to me.

Creamy Corn + Peanut 
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: N/A
Overall: 3/5 - If you eat the corn alone, tasteless. If you eat the peanut alone, overly sweet. If you combine both of them, perfect.

FYI, parking at Viva Home is still for free currently. Not really sure how long will it stays that way. What I love about this restaurant is they are trying to bring out another experience for you to taste a bread. Truly amazing.

Total Damage: RM9.80
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Will I Revisit?: Recommended for a first time experience.

Bread & Butter
Lot 3-28, 3rd Floor,
Viva Home Cheras
Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00a.m. to 10.00p.m


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