Castaway Restaurant, Sunrise Beach

Due to low season, many restaurants and chalets are closed. So a very limited choice of restaurant to choose from. I am more fancy Castaway Restaurant because of their ambiance and they are serving delicious food! I had my breakfast and dinner here. As for now, I will just introduce their interesting Thailand breakfast. Oh ya, by the way...their food here are not cheap. Just to remind you so you won't criticize me for introducing such an expensive restaurant to you.
You can choose from an eastern breakfast to a western breakfast. As for me, I prefer a Thai breakfast since I am in Thailand! However, their Thai breakfast is in Thai language which I hardly know what does it means. We had a nice waitress to explain that it is rice. The difference is either I want a "big" rice or a "small" rice with a choice of chicken, beef or pork. So I had a "big" rice with chicken which is in the picture above and a "small" rice with pork which is in the picture below. Now I know what does she means by "big" or "small" rice. It is porridge!
If you want to add an egg in this porridge, there is an additional charges. The "big" rice is rather plain like our normal Chinese porridge while the "small" rice is more oily. I like the "small" rice more but both are equally delicious!

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