Pasar Malam @Sibu

I guess when some of you see this will think that I already have no other place to go at Sibu during at night. Yes, you probably right because that is what I think so too but when after I have visited their night market, I have better understanding on the local food and favorites.
Soya Pudding! So delicious and one cup like this is just not enough.
Everyone is enjoying their own cup. It is really addictive!
Kueh Bawang - another local specialties!
Kueh Bawang is inside these plates and they are selling fast!
The old and the young already can't wait and started digging in!
This is the Kueh Bawang. Very delicious and the "kueh" is soft and tender. Must try!
The maker of the delicious potato crackers. That's the machine which is making the magic.
Look how it is done! Pretty amazing!
After that, they will deep fried it and with delicious mayonnaise on top. I can tell you this is way better than McDonald's french fries. MUST TRY! I still cannot forget how it is taste. 
There are some other delicious snacks like this in this night market. Too many to cover. All I can say is you have to make your point here to understand the real local taste.
This night market is not very big and it will require 15 - 30 minutes to explore it. According to the local, this night market will change to a new spot and the new spot is pointed in the map location at the end of this post. I am not sure when they will shift to this new location. What I know is it is not a bad idea at all to take a short walk in this night market. This night market is much more cleaner than the night market I used to go at Kuala Lumpur.

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