Restoran Sin Hon Kee, Kluang

I moved to Kluang from Kulai, Johor Bahru when I was just 6 years old. My mum always make her best effort to cook everyday and does not really encourage us to eat outside because she claimed that most of the outside foods are unhealthy and it is a waste of money. Yes, she is a thrifty person. However, whenever under circumstances which disallowed her to cook on a particular day, we will always dine in this restaurant called Restoran Sin Hon Kee because they served the best ever beef and pork ball noodles. 

This is the restaurant. Still the same place after more than 20 years I am dining here.
Their simple restaurant which is always crowded during dinner time and Saturdays. Sometimes you will see queue!
This is the same old chef has been cooking and making their homemade beef and pork balls. Even when there is a queue, he is not bother with it by quicken his speed. He still taking his own sweet time making sure every food he made is good quality.
This is their price. 20 years ago, it was only RM3.00 per bowl which we already consider it as expensive but now RM5.00 per bowl onwards. What you get with RM5.00 is a noodle + 7 pork balls. You can add more noodles, pork balls, beef balls or yong tofu if you feel your portion is not enough but you are not allowed to add their minced meat. Hahaha...quite funny right? It is very limited. The portion of minced meat in every bowl are well measured.
Homemade sauce. If you takeaway the food, they not allow you to take too much of this sauce away. The chef will scold you. The sauce is just perfect when you dip their pork balls, beef balls and bean curds.
They offers four types of noodles which are Loh Shu Fun, Yellow Noodle, Mee Hoon and Kway Teow. This is the Loh Shu Fun which is also known as Silver Needle Noodle. Any noodles are delicious so you just pick the one you like to eat the most.
This is the Yellow Noodle. As you can see their minced meat amount is the same in every bowl. 
7 pieces of pork balls with steamed bean curd and fried bean curd @RM0.80 per piece. All their pork balls, beef balls and yong tofu are homemade. You can even order in advance from the chef if you plan to takeaway raw balls back home to cook yourself. During festive season especially Chinese New Year, raw balls are always sold out even you plan to order it in advance.
These are their beef balls. Their beef balls servings will always come with a tendon beef balls. Best ever beef balls claimed but everyone in Kluang. Do not believe? Come and try it yourself. No joke!
This is the best pork ball I had in my life. At the same time, it also proof that a small city like Kluang will have good food when the restaurant focus in one or two types of food only. You may find the chef is quite cocky after knowing he does not allow additional minced meat and scolding you for taking away too much homemade sauce. However, that's not all of it. His restaurant only starts from 5.30pm and closes when his beef balls and pork balls are sold out. FYI, he always made a limited numbers of beef balls and pork balls everyday. Usually his beef balls will sold out in 3 hours time. I am not finish yet about his cockiness...his restaurant does not open on Sunday. As you all know, Saturday and Sunday are the best days for food & beverage business.

Sometimes I really admire him because he works in this restaurant for his entire life with all the food his served are all homemade by himself except their noodles and bean curd and raising up his children working as professionals but wanting none of them to success his restaurant. I really wish he will not bring his recipe into his grave. Hopefully he willing to share his success to another person to continue this great food. If you are happened in Kluang, please do visit this restaurant. You will never regret it as I guarantee it! 

To Elayne jie and my beloved mui, this is the place I will bring you to if you visit me ya? =)

Total Damage: RM19.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Taste: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate but very slow during peak hours
Will I Revisit?: Always.

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