Dalat Night Market (Chợ đêm Đà Lạt), Dalat

Dalat Night Market is the place where your nightlife in Dalat is going to be. The night market is opens from 7.00pm - 10.00pm. Literally, it is opened everyday but the road closed from traffic on certain roads will only happened on Saturday and Sunday. 
This is where the central of the whole night market but this road is not close from traffic. Weird. There are a lot of people and people are basically littering everywhere and you can see the rubbish on the ground from this picture. Mostly done by the local. The foreigners will at least try to keep the rubbish until they see a dustbin. Dustbin is not easy to find but there is, just need a little walk.
The arch is the main entrance on the night market. The left side of the arch is the row of shop selling new clothes where a sweater can cost as low as US$10. There are also second hand clothes for sale too from US$2. The right side of the arch is the food street. Restaurants are located close together under bright lights. Each restaurant sell some kinds of food such as traditional rice noodle, grilled chicken, “Vietnamese pizza”, etc. with special tastes in cool air. The end of the street is the fresh food area. Dalat is famous with the land of cool weather and rich soil suitable for flowers and vegetables round year. You can find out a lot of local products brought by farmers to market such as: sweet potatoes, potatoes, artichoke, strawberries, cabbage, roses, orchids, daisy flower, persimmon, banana, mango
So what happened to the road closed area? There are not much things selling here but you just enjoy the empty street without the crazy Vietnam traffic (you will understand what I mean when you have visited here). As for this street is very popular with their Soy Bean drink and their bread. I am not really a fan of their bread but their Soy Bean drink is really good. It comes with 4 types of flavour which are original, black sesame, corn and peanut. My favourite one will be the black sesame.
The closed road is also a place for the street performers. This is place where you can see youth groups perform hip hop dancing, Roller-skating, Shuttlecock kicking and many more. In special occasions such as: the Festival of Flowers, Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year, travelers can enjoy free outdoor public art program with the contribution of local singers and artists.
My personal favourite Vietnamese bites is this Keo Chi To Hong. It is something similar like Chinese's Dragon Beard Candy but not entirely the same.
Because the candy is just very small part of it while others is the crackers, coconut and peanuts.
This is the Vietnamese Pizza which is the next thing you should try. Overall, I find it the night market is interesting on the first night but when you are here for every night, that's where it starts to get boring. You may need to spend a maximum of 1 hour to finish this tour. However, this is the best place to walk along the road without traffic on a cool night.
Total Damage: Free
Ambiance: 3/5
Cleanliness: 1/5
Recommended: Yes for one time


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