Cu Lan Village (Làng Cù Lần), Dalat

At Dalat, the most exotic place you have to go is Cu Lan Village. This place is really will make you fall in love at first sight. I am not kidding. Hopefully my pictures below able to convince you on how great is this place is. 
To get to here, you either can rent a motorbike for smaller group or rent a day taxi tour for a medium group or signed up for a tour for any size of the group. The most economy way will be self drive by using a bike. 
About 40 minutes from the Dalat city, you will reach Lang Cu Lan or famously known as Cu Lan Village. There is an entrance fee of US$2.50 which is very affordable especially what you will be getting from this village is way more value.
There are two ways to tour around this 5000 hectares village, first is by trekking along their ready made trek. Or rent their jeep for VND150,000/pax. It is really expensive and in my opinion it is not really worth it. Just walk! 
It amazing to see their hanging bridge which is made purely by bamboo and no others and it can withstand the weight of so many people. I am not sure how reliable is this bridge but there is no warning sign to indicate to limit the number of people walking on the bridge.
There are quite a number of horses in this village roaming freely. So do expect their faeces laying around and the stench too. Anyway, just remember do not stand behind a horse, a horse defend themselves by kicking using their hind leg. 
There are not a lot of flowers here which they should put more effort to build a garden since their land is so huge.
Cu Lan Village is named after a local plant species that flourishes between the rows of pine trees. Cu Lan is also the Vietnamese word for a sloth that lives near the village. The village is nestled in a forest at the foot of Lang Biang mountain in Lac Duong District, 20km from Da Lat. Here, the K'ho, one of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, live in stilt houses that lean against the steep slope.
Impressed by the region, Van Tuan Anh wrote a song about the village which established it as an ecotourism village. Doan Truong Son, a tour guide with the Viettravel Company, said, “Each of us has our own impression of the name of the village. For me, the name of the village expresses its pure beauty. This village demonstrates the harmony between man and nature. It’s a destination for anyone who wants to escape the dust and noise of the city”.
Mr. Tuan Anh passionately shares with us about his Vietnamese village: “I love to create a beautiful, positive, wealthy and traditional Vietnamese village in the Central Highlands. Cu Lan village is my dream come true. I really hope that all the beauties of Vietnam countryside, from simple boats of the Western region to wooden houses of the Central Highlands or beautiful “tu than” dress of Northern region, will be displayed in Cu Lan village.
 All beautiful elements of traditional Vietnamese countryside will not appear in my village, but by chance, tourists traveling around my place will catch a glimpse. Certainly, it is the key point for Cu Lan village becoming an ideal place”.
Cu Lan tree is a kind of herbal tree that is used for stopping the bleeding of wounds. Cu Lan tree is also used for making meaningful souvenirs of the Central Highlands region. There is also a little animal which is like a monkey, looks like a panda; has big and very beautiful eyes named Cu Lan. These small animals (culi) can be raised as pets in every family. 
The Cu Lan Valley, surrounded by pine jungle, seems to be missed when all residents had left their hometown. Therefore, there was “a son” of Quang Nam who came to this land, settled down and was going to create Cu Lan village with a dream to build a peaceful tourist farm in the jungle.
Any plan for a location for a wedding, this is definitely a great place to do it. I can assure you. The weather is so nice even under the hot bright sun.
This is a sample house of the ethnic K'ho group that they usually used to stay in here. Now of course due to modernization, not many will choose to stay in a house like this anymore.
Inside the house where you will see how they usually live. It is surprising that inside the house is much more cooler than outside.
Bamboo seems like their essential thing in life. Many of their things are mostly made from bamboo.
Meeting the needs of a resort city, Cu Lan village is going to introduce two tour packages: Overnight in a Flower Forest and Overnight in a Wild Jungle. Overnight in a Flower Forest package will be presented from May 2012 with high-standard services as well as well-equipped wooden houses in the jungle. 
According to the description, the Overnight in Wild Jungle package, is interesting for tourists who love adventure, such as overnight camping in the wild forest, as well as other guest requests. Instinct activities to survive will help to get rid of stress after hard working days. Naturally, a breath of fresh forest air will relax your mind during a long journey at this lovely village!
There is a small street where the design is very unique and beautiful. There are not many things here. Just a souvenir shop.
A wine shop...and almost that's just about it but the best part is...
The best part is this restaurant overlooking the entire field and lake. By the way, there is only one restaurant here. So choices are very limited.
The accommodation starts from US$65.00. It is really expensive and you don't really get the value that you have pay. The room is shabby and the service is poor. I would only recommend you to go for a day trip here instead.
Nonetheless, this is a great place to fill up your instagram, facebook or whatever social media you are using. Highly recommended and you will never regret it for this trip.
It is possible you may take a whole day here if you are taking your own sweet time taking pictures and sitting around relaxing by the lake or having your lunch at the restaurant. Do put this place in your bucket list. After all, it is just US$2.50 for the entrance. The only thing is an issue is the staff here got limited English language capability. So you might have a little problem when trying to communicate with them. Other than that, it is fine.
Total Damage: US$2.50
Ambiance: 5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

Cu Lan Village
ĐT722, Lát, Lạc Dương, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Tel: +84 94 858 68 78
Opening Hours: Technically is 24 hours since this is a resort. However, the best time to be here is during the day.


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