Skytrex @Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

Hi hi~~~ Today I am going to share with you on one of the most challenging activity in Klang Valley which is The Skytrex!
Yes, the location is inside Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. However, let me guide you the steps you should do before getting here.
1) Get a team of people that you wish them to do crazy things with you. Of course, you can do that alone too.
2) Decide which course you would like to challenge. There are 3 courses available with different difficulties and prices:
  • Little Adventure @RM35.00/pax - Difficulty: Very Easy
  • Big Thrill @RM45.00/pax - Difficulty: Medium
  • Extreme Challenge @RM50.00/pax - Difficulty: Very Hard
3) Logon to their website for booking.
4) You only can book on the weekends and public holidays (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor state holidays only). So decide on which day you wish to participate. If your team is 10 persons and more, you will entitled for 10% discount.
5) Pay online through credit card or bank in. You will received a confirmation email of your participation once the payment is done. No refund available if any cancellation or postpone after the payment.

Things to prepare:
1) Additional RM3.00/pax required for Taman Pertanian entrance fee.
2) Bring your own gloves otherwise they will sell to you their gloves at RM3.00/pair.
3) Do not bring any DSLR or big bags with you because you are advised not to carry them with you when you are performing the activity. However, locker is available for rental at RM5.00/day.
4) Sport shoes only
5) Sun protection cream at least SPF 50+ to avoid sunburn.
We are excited and getting ourselves ready with a warm-up session conducted by April Tang. I wonder if she knows how to do it because somehow all the necessary steps were skipped and she was counting way to fast. LOL
So in the end, everyone was performing their own way. Kids, please do not try this at home. This is done by professionals.
Bus shuttle is provided to get you there without any additional charges.
When you reach the Skytrex location, there is a guide on what you should be doing next. Using monkey as the symbol eh? We are really going to be like a monkey later. Huhu...
Life and death agreement. Oww~ do not look too sad. It will be ok. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you what type of challenge have we took. It was the EXTREME CHALLENGE!!! Now I know why they reacted this way.
Yay!!! We are well equipped and ready! You can see our sweet smile before getting started. I wonder we will still have that after this. This is our team of 6. As you can see, most of them are girls. I really proud of them with their courage and at the same time worry too! Hehe...worry about their determination because they started to discuss whether is there a "Chicken Exit". LOL
Stop thinking about "Chicken Exit" and start paying attention to our instructor about our safety and also things we should do to keep ourselves unhurt. At the end of his conversation, he stressed that this challenge requires MASSIVE amount of STAMINA. I have that...I wonder about the girls only.
Our lives depends on these two items above. Please do listen carefully how do they work!
Wow! Even kids are there, you shouldn't be afraid right, girls?  For kids, you need to be accompanied by an adult for kids below 13 years old for all challenges except Little Adventure which the requirements are minimum 1 adult for 2 kids below 8 years old.
Let's get start rolling boys and girls! Hypnotize yourself as a monkey and you will be fine! I am sorry that no more photos during the session as it is too risky to carry a bulky camera flying here and there. If you do not mind, you can carry them. The company will not be responsible with any damage on your gadgets. As always, I am the first to lead. After first 2 challenges, I can hear the girls voice screaming and cursing each other. Such as: "How many more?", "Are we done yet?", "April Tang! Why you invite us here? We should be shopping now!"...and the lists continue......
After 1 hour and 30 minutes, we are on a solid ground finally. No more hanging on the trees! Hooray~ Our smile is still there! Great~
In my opinion after tried both their Big Thrill and Extreme Challenge, Big Thrill is really not that challenging anymore. My advice, if you would like to go for Big Thrill...just go for Extreme Challenge. The outcome of your self challenge will be surprisingly amazing!

Total damage: RM53 (exclusive fuel and toll charges)
Freakout Level: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes, when I am being invited.

Taman Pertanian Malaysia
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam
40000 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: +601 3276 9841 (Please call only from 9am - 6pm)

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