Broga Hill @Semenyih

Mountain climbing is always one of my favorite activities because I like the feeling of conquering the mountain. I have always been mountain climbing when I was staying in Johor but most of the mountains and hills top have my footprints on it. However after staying in KL for almost 9 years, I have never been to any of the hills and mountains. One of the reason is my job but the primary reason is I am lack of adventurous friends at KL. Most of them more enjoying something that does not sweat. Gladly after at the near end of my KL stay, I have a bunch of colleagues that willing to sweat themselves just because one of my colleague was going to conquer the Mount Kinabalu. So this is her warm up or practice. Hahaha...

So here, our journey began from waking up at 4.00am to get myself ready to assemble at 5.00am at Bandar Tasik Selatan. 8 peoples in two cars travelling almost 1 hours 30 minutes using SILK highway down south of where we are. When we reach there, the sky is started to get brighter but we still torchlight ready to lit us our road up the hill. There are parking space available @RM3.00 per entry. But I parked somewhere does not need to pay.

Here where our hiking began. Look at the crowd. Broga Hill always popular with people here. At first we are in a team of 8 but in the end we were split into 2 teams where 5 in one team and 3 in another team. I am one of the 3. This situation is normal and happened naturally when you are a bit faster than the rest.
You can see some great view when you were climbing a long the way to the top.
Within 15 minutes (based on my speed and jam), I reached to the first top! Look at the crowd. Actually, I am not really keen to climb a mountain/hill with such a big crowd as they will slowing my climbing speed because of the jam.  When you slowed down, you will use a lot of leg strength to hold on where you are. So this is very tiring. Therefore, one of a technique to climb up a mountain/hill with less fatigue way is to climb up non stop until you reach your checkpoint. You can see there is another top which is not far away from this.
Most of them will stop or giving up from reaching the next top so they will take pictures, catching their breath or enjoying the view from where they are.
Just 5 minutes away to reach another top where you can see a greater view. Look at those greens! The air was so fresh!
More great views from the 2nd top!
Journey continues to the final top of the Broga Hill! You will see the crowd reduced greatly because this top does not need only leg strength but hand as well. To me, just for a while only you will use your hand on a steep area. I do advise you to take on to the final top because this what you are here for so do not give up and give all you've got to the top. Do not let your brain controls your body, let your muscles to make the decision.
A great scenery on the halfway to the top. You will see the 2 tops you passed by just now.

Hooray!!! You have reached 400m above sea level!!! Give yourself a good pat on your back. Well done! Phewww....Let's see the fruit of your success!
This is what you will get!
Everything seems to be small to you.
Clouds are same level as you are which gives you a cool breeze of air. It is really good to have such air in your lungs after you have been living in the highest pollution city for such a long time.
You have an option to conquer a mountain which is 3100m away. Wow! I did not do that because my team already at their limit. It is a regret but you have to stick with your team wish and strength. That is teamwork. If you wish to go further, maybe you should get a tougher team with you next time.
So total time taken before walking down was 1 hour. There were a bunch of people which I need to salute because the girls in the team wearing heels to climb and the guys carrying flowers and cakes. However, that is not just it. The "hilarious" part is one of the guy was carrying a Schnauzer!!! At that moment, I was really curious what they were doing. A picnic? A proposal? or??? I am sorry...I did not asked. So I buried my curiosity in my heart and head straight down to the bottom of the hill.

People usually says climbing up a hill is harder than walking down a hill. From my experience, I am not agree with it. Walking down a hill is more dangerous than climbing up a hill. You need twice your leg strength to balance yourself. If can, do use your hand as a support and reduce your body gravity by lowering your whole body. Broga Hill is really a nice hill indeed but too many people which you find it quite irritating when you need to queue up on the hill instead of climbing. It is time for me to seek another hill/mountain to conquer! Yosh!

Total damage: Toll charges + Half tank of your fuel which well shared by my colleagues
Freakout Level: 3/5
Price: 5/5
Will I revisit?: No, unless I have a tougher team.

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