Toy Museum, Tanjung Bungah

When we talk about toys, we always relate them with kids and nothing to connect to us as an adult. However, when it comes to a museum with full of TOYS...age does not matter anymore. The largest toy museum in Malaysia which enters the Malaysia's book of record is located in Penang Island.

The entrance fees are RM10 (adult) and RM6 (children). Get ready and to be amazed by over 100,000 of toys in this museum. The owner, Loh Lean Cheng started to collect toys since 1979 and until today he is still non-stop doing that! He was inspired after visited the London Toy and Model Museum when he was 19. The numbers of toys he collected now enough to turn you back as a kid! Believe it! Just check out some of my photos of these toys!

Wow! A real 6 feet Kungfu Panda character - Pow!!! Aiks...I never know there is such character standing on the right...maybe coming soon in Kungfu Panda 3??
Hohoho...I was once laughed like crazy reading this comic. However, today when I read back, I can't find the humor in it already. I wonder why. Hmm...
Never know they were friends...
Wall-e. A touching movie but I do not wish to have part II for this. Please...
101 Dalmatians!!!
Oh, I like this guy. I love a phrase from him, "Why so SERIOUS??? Let me PUT a SMILE on your FACE!". Poor thing that he passed away. May he rest in peace. I doubt there is anyone can replace him.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...oh childhood characters! My favorite was Michaelangelo!
Harry Potter! Finally after 7 years, his movie is over! I think is a relieved not just the viewers but the young actors and actresses too!
Woo hoo~~~
Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars (youth). I always love to watch this movie over and over again ever since I was just 6 years old.
The Incredibles - CUTE!
The Caterpillar from A Bug's Life. Will there be a part II? I do not mind for this thou...hehe.
Doraemon!!! I have the whole series of comics for this! But in Malay thou...LOL
The Shrek! They said is finished. Really? Sure? I miss the donkey!
The Flintstones! I always amazed on how he moves his stone vehicle using his bare leg.
Popeye! I still know how to sing the theme song!!!
Garfield! I wonder if he is really truly feel sorry to anyone. Haha...
T-Rex from Toys Story! My favorite character!
One of the characters from Pikachu!
Non comic character but I still like them.

Batman! Aiks, isn't that Pluto? Batman's new pet?
Warcraft! Wohohoho...everyone's favorite! Was mine too!
Final Fantasy VII! My first ever game I played for Final Fantasy! 
Whoops! There are some naughty figurines here too! Hoho~

Penang is just an amazing place! I wouldn't mind to live here at all! Whenever you are here in Penang, please do drop by this museum at least once. Try to find back some of your youth. You surely will be saying: "What a nostalgic moment!"

One thing about this museum I dislike is the owner did not take the effort to renovate the place. The models, figurines and toys are so dusty! Not really well maintained. I hope he not started to take things for granted when he is already in the Malaysia Book of Record.

Total Damage: RM20 (2 pax)
Will I revisit?: Yes but only when I have kids.

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