Getting to Koh Lipe and Dinner at Pak Bara (Part 1) - Low Season

This is my first time taking a road trip to Thailand from Malaysia. My destination is just Pak Bara which is not very far if you are exiting Wang Kelian immigration post. Approximately the journey will takes around 1 hour only. For those who needs to apply land visa, you need to go to Bukit Kayu Hitam immigration post. From Bukit Kayu Hitam to Pak Bara will required 2-3 times more. 
The Pak Bara beach is not impressive at all but I was there to get to Koh Lipe. During the low season, the only way to get to Koh Lipe is from Pak Bara. During the high season (1st November - 15th May), you have alternative route from Langkawi. For those who required to get the land visa, it can be done from this alternative route.
In this post I will just share with you about travelling to Koh Lipe during the low season. During the high season, you should not have much problems as there are a lot of alternative, restaurants and chalets are all open at Koh Lipe and plenty of scheduled boat to Koh Lipe. Before I start, I would like to introduce a place to eat at Pak Bara.
Not far from the beaches, there is a row of seafood restaurant which offered quite a lot of seafood. One of the chef can speak in Malay and he worked in Kota Kinabalu as a chef before. He gave us a very friendly service by introducing this clear tomyam soup. It is spicy but spicy enough but not burning your throat like what I had at Thai Thai @Sunway Pyramid. 
Simple kangkung kicap but was made very delicious. I always like Thai food because they are not just selling food but selling their warm service as well. I was like a king at that restaurant.
This is a special fish cake. A little too spicy for us so I recommend those who is not really into spicy food to reduce the amount of spiciness in this. It taste really good and worth to try! You can't find this in Malaysia. This restaurant is near perfect but it is just that this restaurant has too many mosquitoes and their mosquitoes are really fierce. This is ruining their business. 
Please take note with restaurant in Thai that they love to put salt in their juices. So always remember to remind them that "no salt". It tastes really weird. I stayed a night at Best House Resort and parked my car there as well. Staying at Thailand is very cheap. There are room for negotiation too especially when you buy the boat tickets to Koh Lipe from them.
To be continued more in Part 2...

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