Golden Arch Cafe, Kuching

If you remember that I did mentioned in my previous post that people at Kuching start their breakfast as early as 6.00am. So we are here at Golden Arch Cafe which is located in the Golden Arch Shopping Mall. Please do not misunderstand this place...this place is NOT a shopping mall. I do not why they named it that way. It is just a commercial center.

Anyway, what we are about to have today will be reckon by the locals as the best ever Sarawak Laksa that is existed in Kuching. Yes, Sarawak Laksa also known as one of the delicacies in Kuching.

Nope, we were not there at 6.00am. We are from west Malaysia so our normal breakfast time will be 8.00am. Actually 8.00am is already consider very early for me. LOL
There are selling Kolo Mee too which is also one of the delicacies at Kuching. Actually you will find Kolo Mee everywhere and every corner of Kuching. So many of them.
Kolo Mee Seafood @RM4.50
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - Kolo mee is like maggi mee to us because the mee is wavy style like our packaged instant noodle. As for the taste, it is not taste like instant noodle of course. It is quite delicious. We have a choice either you want their red sauce or not. As you can see, we have the red sauce. I find the red sauce is just coloring which to make the kolo mee looks delicious. Not much taste for the sauce except slight saltiness. Overall, I feel deceived because the prawn is not look like what they have shown in the picture. The picture shown the size of the prawn is 3x the size of this. Anyway, the prawn is tasteless.

Sarawak Laksa @RM4.50
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - It is delicious and with quite a number of tasty prawns. It is indeed the Sarawak finest laksa. However, most of us from the west has get used with the sourish taste of a laksa and may not like this type of laksa which is more spicy oriented. Anyway, they are totally different thing like comparing a green apple and a red apple. So please do not compare them together.

This is the place which is very easily to find and is a small road from the roundabout. Just take note with the entrance to this road when you reach the roundabout. If want specific location, just click on the link at the end of this post of the map location. It is very accurate! Well, as the overall of this Sarawak Laksa...I believe you must make a point to visit this place at all cost. They opened until lunch time but please come for their breakfast to avoid disappointment because they selling out fast everyday. P.S: Don't ever carry your Penang Laksa minded to eat here.
Total Damage: RM11.90
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Yes

Golden Arch Cafe
3rd Mile, Kuching
Tel: 019-8663663
Business Hours: 6.00am - 2.00pm (or even earlier)

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