Sakae Sushi @Leisure Mall

If you really notice, quite a lot of bad comments about Sakae Sushi's quality in preparing their food. If anyone recalled the news about the roof leakage on the Sakae Sushi which has been covered from the press but unable to cover anymore for the cockroach in their Unagi Sushi incident. Well, that does not stop the crowd from visiting them. You may not able to see the queue line which you usually see at Sushi Zanmai but if to compare with Sushi King, Sakae Sushi still the one who has the upper hand.

Reason being is this Singapore originated company has always come out with new ideas in their menu to retain their customers. The pictures below are the among their great creations.

Salmon Mentai Sushi (Sakae Candle)
Cheese Baked Scallop
Golden Oyster Maki
Assorted Tempura in Hot Cheese (forgot the exact name for this dish, if you know, please do let me know...thanks!)
By looking at their creativity above, Sakae Sushi actually is not a bad Japanese Restaurant but too bad that no one really taking care and observe their branches in terms of their quality and attitude towards the food. If you lost your money, you can earn back one day but if you lost your trust, it will take a lifetime for you to earn it back. That's what happened to Kluang Station which I will blog about it later on.

So for me, Sakae Sushi is no longer in my recommendation list but I will try to give them a chance again one day.

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