Sipadan Dive (Revisit)

Sipadan Island is always one of the best island I have ever been. It is really a gem for Malaysia. This is the third time I have visited this island within the span of 7 years. Everytime I visit this island, it feels like it is my first time on this island. I never get bored with the island and the marine life around it. However, the permit is getting expensive every time I visit this island. Right now, the cheapest price is from Uncle Chang which is cost RM750/pax for a 3 dives trip inclusive packed lunch.
You can see my other posts here. My first trip and my second trip.
The first highlight is obviously the white tip reef shark which looks like a submarine.
The best part is not just one you will see, they are many and you will just see them lying everywhere on the bed of the sea. It is always so amazing yet creepy to see so many sharks in one view.
Try to challenge yourself to get as close as you can to the shark. 
This is the closest I could get to.
"Most of the time" they would just swim away. Do let me know when they attack you and you are still alive ok? Hahaha
This shark is pregnant. Better don't mess with a pregnant woman same goes to a pregnant shark.
The best part is watching the bumphead parrotfish. I only able to see them after my 3rd visit here. 
They are really huge average at 1 meter long. You can even see them when snorkeling here. It is not bad at all to snorkel at Sipadan. You get to see large fishes instead of colorful but boring tropical fishes.
I wanted to swim together with them but they are just too big and their buckteeth are too scary. It is safe for me to just keep a distance with them.
My favourite is the green turtle still. This is one of the largest green turtle I have seen so far and it was sitting at his throne like a king.
It was accompanied by two escorts or concubines turtle which is just one-third of its size.
I was recording it for a 5 minute long and it is steadily there without even move when I got close to him. The only thing that it did was moving his eyeball. Green turtle is truly a majestic and friendly sea creature.
Another disappointment in this dive was I unable to see a school of barracuda. However, a school of jackfish will do to minimize my upset.
Swimming into the school of jackfish was amazing and the most fun thing to do. The best part is this school of jackfish are at the depth of 5 meters only. Even snorkelers can enjoy them too.
There is no other place like Sipadan you will get to see large fishes and school of fishes like this. I will be back next time to try my luck on the barracuda, manta rays and whale sharks.
The third trip of my visit to Sipadan is really fruitful especially we get to chase dolphins when we are on the way to Sipadan Islands. There were a total of 6 of them and I am able to capture for of them in my video below. It was truly an awesome experience nonetheless. I will definitely be back again until the day I couldn't dive anymore.

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