The Tiramisu Hero @Kallang

At Singapore, a cafe like this is everywhere. They opened like nobody business offering great coffee, tea, pastries or desserts. All of them are good and delicious but it is not enough to attract customers nowadays. A cafe need to be unique and stand out among the others to leave the impression on every customers coming into the cafe. After that, just let the word of mouth and the social media to do the job. Today, I will share to you a cafe which just being "different" than others and I am sharing with you through social media. Haha. The cafe is known as The Tiramisu Hero. It is located the same road with the famous CSHH cafe which I just blogged about it previously.
Unique #1: A riddle at their door step for you to solve. Able to guess the answer? You will get an Iced Tea for free. T&C applies.
It is a nice cozy cafe the seats are limited but the seats are not really comfortable enough for you to sit for long anyway except one table made from a chest box which has a cushion chair with it. You can see that from the picture.
They have some merchandise to sell here which probably other cafe has already done it the same way. Not really that unique anymore.
Unique #2: Maybe some cafes might have this but I still think it is a cool things to have which is a corner where they provide headset for you to plug in to your media devices. So you will have a sweet private corner to do your own sweet things.
I am not really fancy their seating style because lack of privacy when the tables are very close to each other like this. However, that is how you accommodate more patrons in a small cafe like this.
They will provide you the menu on the table but you still need to walk to the counter to make an order. Reason is they want you to pay before the food is served.
Unique #3: Well, this is the one that is making the drastic difference among all other cafe which is you are able to customize your own Tiramisu. First, you select your desired size from a cup cake size, small jar size or a bigger jar size. However, they named it differently by calling them minihero, mommahero and nonnahero. You can pick the flavors that you like to have in your Tiramisu. They got 11 different flavors to choose from. Lastly, it is optional for you to add a shot of alcohol in it but there are 4 flavors not recommended to add any alcohol in it for example Lemon Lavender flavor. It is going to be real weird taste to have alcohol in it. You can try it if you dare, FYI, they only have one toilet in this cafe. LOL
This is the nonnahero which is the biggest one and cost at S$17.50++. It is recommended at least 2-3 pax to eat. Honestly, I can finish this myself.
This will be the mommahero which selling at S$7.50++. While the minihero is sold at S$3.50++. They ran out of minihero on that day.
We had original flavor and chocolate flavor on that day. Only the original flavor has a shot of alcohol in it for free. Others will required S$5.00++ per shot which is freaking expensive.
This is the alcohol which they are using known as Amarula. It is a liquor made from Africa. I love their Amarula cream which is smooth and sweet.
Once you removed the wrapper, this is the glass jar that you will see. You can take home this glass jar once you are done with it. I believe it is already included in the charges. Otherwise, they will just recycle it and sell it again.
You will probably wondering why they are making all the Tiramisu in the jar. As I said earlier, their uniqueness is you are able to customize the flavor of your own Tiramisu. So they have to make them ready. Tiramisu is not a dessert that you can make them right away. It has to pre-made them like this. So therefore there are only have limited numbers Tiramisu for each flavor made like this in stock for a day, Once it is sold out on that day, they will not making anymore.
The original one tastes better than the chocolate flavor. I believe the alcohol makes the difference. I always believe a Tiramisu must always have alcohol in it. If you compare this with an Italian style Tiramisu, the Italian style Tiramisu will definitely taste better but when you can enjoy different taste of Tiramisu, it can be quite amazing and fun experience too!
They are not lacking with option for their choices of drinks. This is Milo 999 @S$6.50++. I do not taste them like our ordinary Milo taste. I believe they use chocolate instead of Milo. But this is a real thick chocolate drink which I like it a lot and surprisingly it is not too sweet.
Creme Brulee Latte @S$6.50++. This is quite sweet so it is just taste average for me.
Overall, I really amazed with how creative they make a simple Tiramisu to become like our own Tiramisu. I would say that's one heck of a brilliant idea. But...yeah, I always got a "but" for everything. LOL. But is it enough to keep the heart of these pampered customers with very demanding expectation? What will happened after tasting all 11 flavors? A good food of thought for them. By the way, they do serve other types of delicious desserts too but the most eye-catching is still their Tiramisu.
Total Damage: S$36.30
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Absolutely

The Tiramisu Hero
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548
Tel: +65 62925271
Business Hours: 11.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

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