Swee Guan Hokkien Mee @Geylang

Who said I got an expensive taste? If there is a cheap and delicious food, I will be there too. Here I am crossing the Johor Straits to Singapore for a well-known Singapore Hokkien Mee at Lorong Geylang 29. It is known as Swee Guan Hokkien Mee which has been serving Hokkien noodle in Singapore since 1968. That's 46 years old! Oh my!
This is the boss who is taking over his father's business to continue the same recipe to serve their loyal customer. They comes with two sizes which are small size cost at S$6.00/plate and a bigger one will be S$8.00/plate. According to my Singaporean friend, it is consider expensive because a usual price should be range around $4.00/plate.
He cooks all together instead of cooking plate by plate. As far as I know that's how Singapore Hokkien mee is usually cooked. Do not worry because that is the fastest way to serve a long queuing customers.
Two things which makes this Hokkien noodle becomes impressive are it is cooked from a charcoal stove and secondly, thier prawn and squid are fresh.
Hokkien Mee @S$8.00
Outlook: 2/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Overall: 2/5 - One thing you will find about all the Hokkien mee in Singapore is they never really care about the appearance of the dish they are serving. They just scoop everything they can from the wok and put it on the plate to serve. So if you do not mind the appearance, that's how it is going to look like in every plate. What I like about their Hokkien mee is their wok taste and the charcoal taste which combined together has made the fragrance of this noodle to be extra delicious. Another thing worth to mention is their prawns and squids are fresh and sweet.

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee is one of the hawker food stall in Sing Lian Eating House. There are other local delicacies available there. However, I am just there for the Hokkien noodle. Overall, I felt this is a good choice if you are around Geylang or a sudden crave over Hokkien mee.
Total Damage: S$16.00
Ambiance: 1/5
Service: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Yes

Swee Guan Hokkien Mee
Sing Lian Eating House
549, Geylang Lorong 29
Business Hours: 4.30pm - 11.00pm (Wednesday off)

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