On the Road Cafe, Kluang

On the Road Cafe has already made their name in Kluang with their delicious cheesecake. I already known this cafe for some time but only now I am writing about it after being requested by some of my hometown friends. This cafe serves cheesecake, coffee and some delicious set lunch. Their main attraction is still their cheesecake which cost from RM7.90 onwards. They do sell whole cake too which you need to make an advanced booking.
Not a very big cafe so the seat is very limited and they always crowded with people especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You really unable to seat back and relax while having a cup of coffee with a cheesecake because there are always people roaming in to wait for a seat. You will feel pretty uncomfortable not to finish up your things to give up your seat.
There are other options to get your seat which are seating at their bar table where you can watching the boss making coffee or you can seat outside the cafe where the smoking area is. Do enjoy the following cheesecake displayed below.
Sweet Potato Cheesecake - this is their signature cake. I have to admit the sweet potato is quite sweet and delicious but I still feel this cake is not the best they have.
Tiramisu cheesecake - With coffee and kahlua in it which does taste like Tiramisu but when you are getting used with the Italian style of Tiramisu, you might not want a cheesecake version type of Tiramisu. The cheese has covered the real taste of a Tiramisu.
Rose Herb & White Wine Cheese - This is my first ever cheesecake that I ate in this cafe. The combination of rose and white wine in a cheesecake is absolutely creative. You can taste a slight rose fragrance in every bite. Pretty amazing.
Fresh Orange Cheesecake - Slight sourish. Not my favorite.
Classic New York Cheesecake - Plain cheesecake and quite queasy after a few bites.
Avocado Cheese - The moment it is serves in front of you, the cake is still shaking. Yes, it is as soft as tofu. Easily melt in your mouth but started to feel a little greasy afterwards. I would prefer it to be less greasy and more avocado taste in it. Maybe add a little walnut to have extra fragrance.
Pumpkin Cheese - Rich of pumpkin taste in it. Pumpkin lover might love this.
Orange Chocolate Cheese - This combination is special but I am not a big fan of a sourish dessert.
Coffee Cheese - The coffee taste is not too strong so it is just nice for a non-caffeine person like me. 
Green Tea Cheese - The reason their cheesecakes are popular is because they never stingy to put more ingredient in their cheesecake. Same goes to this green tea cheesecake. The green tea is so thick and delicious. If you are a big fan of green tea like me, this is your definite pick!
Chocolate Cheesecake - This is the least favourite among all for me. I love chocolate but when chocolate is too much and mixing together with cheese, the queasy feeling is hitting the limit I can take. I can carry on digging this cake after a few bites because I am already feeling full.
Red Apple & Parmesan Cheese - Nicely differentiate between the cream and the cheese which makes you less queasy.
Strawberry Cheese Mousse - This is one of my favourite pick among all the cheesecakes. The way to eat this is not by eating the cheese mousse only. It would gives you a greasy feeling. I recommend you to dig deeper and together with crust at the bottom to eat. That's the best part of the whole cake. The salted buttery crust is so fragrance and tasty when every time you chew on it while the cheese mousse already melted with slight strawberry taste in your mouth. They have another Pineapple Cheese Mousse which taste even better because they will only use a truly sweet pineapple for it.
Banana & Walnut Cheese - This is another must pick cheesecake in this cafe. The banana fragrance and sweetness is so strong in the whole cheesecake. The best part is you got walnut hidden within the cake for you to crunch. Well, you will never get bored with it.
Macadamia Caramel Cheese - This is a newly promoted cheesecake which has already capture my heart. One thing I like about this cafe is they will non-stop creating new recipe for their cheesecake. You will never get bored with the lady boss's creativity. When I am eating this cheesecake, I feel like I am eating a popcorn. Yes, the caramel popcorn by Garrett Popcorn.
They do serve delicious coffee, flower tea and lately they have imported sparkling flower juice too. Their variety is getting more and more which you will definitely get pampered by them.
Their books are for free reading but at this corner, these books are for sale. Another side income for the cafe. For your information especially to all my dear Muslim readers, this cafe do not serve any pork or lard but they have yet to get the HALAL certification yet. Kluang got more than 60% are Muslim and they already got so many patrons and orders with just Chinese customers only. Well, I just cannot imagine what will happened to this tiny cafe if they got their HALAL certification.
Overall, I am pretty proud that Kluang has a very decent cafe like this serving delicious cheesecake. I do hope they have other than cheesecake in the future for example, creme brulee, panna cotta, pudding or souffle. That would be a perfect house of dessert. One last thing, I hope they do invest in their audio system to play some soothing and peaceful songs to accompany with our cheesecake. That would be absolutely divine!
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Food Serving Speed: Very Fast
Recommended?: Yes

On the Road Cafe
3-GB, Block F,
Johbase City Square,
Jalan Lambak,
86000 Kluang
Tel: 012-2419025
Business Hours: 11.00am - 6.30pm (Monday off)

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