Botanical Garden @Mount Kinabalu Park, Ranau

I am back again at Mount Kinabalu Park bringing my 2 Guangzhou girls from China. Previously I brought a group of Guilin girls here but too bad that we do not have enough time to go to the Botanical Garden.
This time I make sure we are early to be there to view the Botanical Garden. It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu to here. It is taking too much time. You really need to have a good car to be here. Too bad I rented a weak Hyundai Atos. 
You can choose to walk to the Botanical Garden which is 15 - 20 mins walk if you do not make too many stops. There is a well made walking path for you to walk along. So it is a comfortable and cozy walk. You won't even sweat.
The other option is drive to the location which kills all the fun of enjoying the scenery and the environment.

Either drive or walk, you need to pay RM3.00 for local and RM15.00 for foreigner.
We decided to walk to enjoy the weather and the plants.
And trees too!
The landscape here are quite awesome as well.
There is a BBQ hut for group activity to come here to do their little barbecue fun! However, the grilling place seems a little old and rusty. I wonder if there is still people using it.
Not just walk, there are climbing to do too. Not really that bad...don't be too lazy.
Along the road you will see a lot of trail like this. This will lead you to different mountains or hills. You need to have a guide for all this trail.
Here we are at the Botanical Garden the entrance fee is RM4.00 for local and RM5.00 for foreigner. 
The walking path is well built.
There is a trail inside this Botanical Garden which will take you to Bukit Tupai. Not really far away. We did not take this trail because our ladies from China is not really fancy in walking in the jungle. They prefer walking in the mall.
There are water stream from right from the mountain. The water is crystal clear and cold.
I took a sip and it is cool and sweet. While the ladies decided to take a bottle back home. Haha...not sure if is clean but nothing happened to me though.
Basically it is just walking around the park looking at wild plants.
Some plants you will see the name and description to explain and let you learn more about the plants.
Do not lay your hands on the plants there. You might not know if they are safe to touch or not especially plants with spiky thorns.
The place is not really big though. It just took us 15 minutes top to take the whole trip. Nothing fancy and exciting for me.
Overall, I think it is a good place to visit to increase your knowledge on wild plants but they should have just make it as free entrance. After all we have to pay RM3.00 for local and RM15.00 for foreigner when we enter this Mount Kinabalu Park. What is the point paying the entrance fee if we are not planning to do any walk on their trail? Quite ridiculous. 
Still do not have the right mood to climb the Mount Kinabalu. Plenty of tourists has been there and persuading us must be there somehow but I am just not keen with mountain climbing.
Total Damage: RM7.00/pax
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 1/5
Recommended?: No

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