Koala Zone @Chimelong Safari Park, Panyu District

Thank you for staying with us for more. I will continue the introduction about Chimelong Safari Park and now I will be at the Koala Zone. All photos are taken by Nikon and Canon except this photo...an iPhone.
The starting part at Green Dragon Hill is quite boring and disappointing for a CNY250.00 entrance fee. I started to see the worth of paying so much when I am in this zone. All the peacocks and animals here are in an opened area which is so close to human. We are not allowed to feed them. Anyway, you will be strictly checked at the entrance.
We have animal shows just along the walkway. It was so random. I am not sure what time it started because there is no board stated about this.
This owl is so cute sleeping while we are so noisy talking about it and taking pictures. The owl is not far from us but it is beyond reach from our hands.
Look at how this ape is sitting. Like a human with an attitude. Haha.
All the animals here are introduced one by one and they performing one round of act like this monkey jump inside the water and swim.
This bird not just remind me about Sarawak but also our "Ubah" bird. Very political so not really going into detail about it. This bird moving steadily with its eyes only at its instructor. It is a very beautiful bird and you can imagine how close is the bird when I can capture this close up.
Final act by this ape swinging right above us makes everyone of us "WOW!". That's the amazing effect to get so close with the wild. 
After seeing all these, I am having a lot of questions...why don't these animal just escape? It is so open and no fence or cage around it to stop them but they are not doing that. Amazing!
Two big eggs which you should know which is it belongs to.
Yup, the ostrich. I find that the use of fence is only to keep the human away from our curiosity.
Giraffe is my sister's friend favorite. The reason is she has a long neck. I don't think is nice to show how long her neck is. Well, all I can say is her neck is long.
A giraffe was sitting and looking right at me. I just can't help for not taking its picture.
You are supporting their food here which is pretty expensive food for just pure leaves.
Feed them and get close with them and take picture with them. That is the point!
But...don't do that! That looks like going to rape the giraffe! Sorry about that. That is the long neck girl I was talking about earlier. So now you can imagine how much love she has on giraffe.
When walking around you will keep seeing parrots and parakeets in the public like this. No fence like in the Guangzhou Zoo. Very up close and personal with them. This is so cool. I enjoyed it so much with the idea they have in this park.
However, their kangaroo looks a little skinny and less energetic.
Touch, feel and take a photo with koala bear at CNY50.00/pax. Expensive!
My new long neck friend is willing to pay that. She need to sterilize her hand first before touching the koala bear. I got the opportunity to see the koala bear the first time in my life. Cool! Opps...these pictures have revealed her long neck. Long eh? Like ET instead of giraffe to me. LOL...why am I so bad?
Not many koala bears in the open area because they need a low temperature area and that's why they are so flurry.
So the koala bear is very active in the temperature which is suit for them. You can see them having all sorts of fun even though they need 16 hours of sleeping time. Time to sleep boys.
These are a few that are not very social. They rather to be alone and have their own sweet time with their food. Cute!
This one is a little too social and quite passionate with each other. I wonder where do they learned about the french kiss from. I started to love koala bear because they are really cute! They are my favorite!
Every zone has a souvenir stall like this selling specific animals only. You will pass through them compulsory. For example, after watching the giraffes, you will pass by a Giraffe Souvenir Stall and when you finished enjoying watching the koala bear, you will come to this stall. Same along with others which I am going to introduce to you. Very commercialized and do prepare to pay a lot for example this cute koala bear beg cost CNY128.00.

That's all about Koala Zone and stay tuned for the next post which I am going to take you to the China Zone. I am going to show you the panda VERY closely! 

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