JinLin Yuan @Guangzhou Zoo

Still at Guangzhou Zoo, where you need to top up your ticket to enter JinLin Yuan which is a place with full of goldfishes. The price is CNY20.00 equivalent to RM10.00. If you buy earlier at the ticketing counter before you enter the zoo, you can get a little more discount which is not really a lot anyway.
A lot of type of goldfishes are well placed in an attractive shapes of aquarium. It is a pleasuring things to watch.
However, the nightmare begins here when I saw a bunch of kids playing in a swallow pool digging for goldfishes. Can you see all the kids soaking themselves in the pool? Do you think the goldfishes will survive in such a dirty pool? Brainless act!
These goldfishes can be exchanged with prizes. As you can see some of the fishes are already dead. They never think that the kids will accidentally step on the fish and also very violently catching the fishes without thinking the possibility they will harm them! This inhuman act is in a zoo, an educational place for the kids. Horrible scene!
Another inhuman act is fishing goldfish! Same idea, the goldfishes you caught can exchange with gifts.
Can you imagine when you hook the innocent little fishes and you unhook it before you put it back in the pool for someone else to hook it again. This process is cruel! The standard of the culture in this country is beyond hope when I see such activities are introduced to the public.
Isn't this expected? If the person badly unhook the fish might eventually killing it in the end.
I really do not understand the organizer. Don't they have some other better things which are more educational for the public especially to the younger generation? I really do not recommend you to visit JinLin Yuan. Every each money spent in this place is a form of supporting their action! I am so regret that I did but I really do not know about this before. I just thought an exhibition of all kind of goldfishes.
Total Damage: CNY20.00
Service: 0/5
Price: 0/5
Recommended?: No
Business Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm (daily)

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