Animal Plaza @Guangzhou Zoo

Another chargeable place in the Guangzhou Zoo is the Animal Plaza. CNY20.00 for the entrance fee equivalent to RM10.00.
No horses to see unless you are here at the Animal Plaza. Not really impressive large horse you are going to see here anyway.
Horse riding for one round is chargeable at CNY10.00/pax. 
It is not a pony ride but only kids are allowed to sit on the pony and take a picture with it. That's all.
Feeding Llama is one of the excitement here.
You can get close and personal with your kids to understand the animal. You can buy the food at CNY15.00.
There are mountain goats too. Parents should teach their children on how to touch the animal tenderly and treat them with care and love.
I saw a couple of parents showed a very bad example by pulling the goat's horn violently. This kind of act reverting the culture of the people in China. Shame.
The main highlights is still the Animal Performance Show with all the acrobatic acts with the animals. The stage is very small to occupy the great crowd here. So I decided to skip the show.
Other entertainment is some fun with the kids to earn a gift as souvenir.
Overall, I do not think this place is worth to pay for entry even it does not cost a lot anyway. Basically, you are paying for the show.
Total Damage: CNY20.00
Service: 3/5
Price: 2/5
Recommended?: No
Business Hours: 8.30am - 5.30pm (daily)

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