The Springs, Kuching

There are quite a number of malls at Kuching but the most decent and proper one to me is The Springs Mall. It is their latest mall and has most of the famous brands in there such as MNG, G2000, MAC and many more. This is one thing to do to hide yourself away from the sun. However, you might only want to spend the maximum of 1 hour in this mall not inclusive watching a movie because not really as big as Midvalley. It is just the size of Sri Hartamas Shopping Center. We were there for a movie and the following pictures is just what we did while waiting for our screening time.
Those people are fake except my sister.
It is just happened be that month is the Hari Dayak which is known as Harvest Day as well. This is the day for the natives in Sabah & Sarawak to celebrate the fruit of their harvest season.
The Springs Mall decorating these all over the mall for visitors like us to take picture with.
My sister cooperate well to accommodate with my photography request. Haha...
I did not managed to take a lot of her pictures like I used to be because most of the time I was doing my business with my clients there. She was bored and I felt that. However, she was kind enough to complain but to help me out to interact with my clients on behalf of me. She is just a brilliant girl to have around with me.
She is getting stiff already...I never requested her to show that hand sign. Where she learned that anyway?
Arghhh...I prefer you do that to me instead...hahaha.
The cinema at The Springs Mall is managed by MBO. My sister never been to MBO before and thought should be some low class cinema
When she saw this, she was awe with the design and feel so excited about it. Another new experience for you, my dear sister! :)

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