Hotel on the Park @ Resort World Genting

The oldest hotel at Resorts World Genting, the Theme Park Hotel was built in the Seventies and formerly known as the Highlands Hotel. Subsequently, it seems logical for the hotel to be named Theme Park Hotel when the theme park was built next to it. The hotel is now opened and called Hotel On The Park – a nod to its proximity to the first-in-the-world Twentieth Century Fox World theme park.
This hotel is catered to large group and families. The room is started from a triple room which you can see the design above.

There are 2 rooms specially designed to OKU (handicapped) customers with a bed which is adjustable with a remote control. The room space is wider for wheelchair easily move around.
Even the bathroom is extra large space with lots of handle bar to hold onto. The design is truly very thoughtful.
This is the quadruple room. 
Their biggest room can occupy 6 pax in a room. 
The bed is 5 inches thick queen size mattress which is not too soft and suitable for all ages.
Their security box, luggage area and shoes are put under the bed. It is really a brilliant space saving idea.
The chic design of the room is definitely cheer you up the moment you enter this room.
6 person in a bathroom? No problem! There is two basins, two separate toilet and bathroom design which is definitely enough.
The toiletries are very well equipped. From shower gel to shaver, whatever you can think of, they got it.
Coffee and tea anyone? Equipped with a wireless telephone which allow you to place it near to your bed for your convenience.
There are still many restaurants in this hotel as of now. We might never know what Genting will surprised us in the future. Eatopia is their cafeteria which provides light breakfast and snacks until 10.00pm.
This hotel is offering two types of views. One is facing the mystical Talking Garden. This is the popular side which you wanted to book.
With a panoramic view like this. there is no reason you could resist it.
A little description about the Talking Garden, it is named as Talking Garden it is because during at night when the blows, the garden seems like talking to each other. It is rather creepy eh? LMAO....I am not joking. I was told that way.
Another view of the hotel will be this...errr...just keep the comment to yourself eh?
This hotel is centrally located to the Sky Avenue Shopping Mall and of course the long waited Twentieth Century Fox World theme park which is still under construction which we might need to wait until 2019. This hotel is also very near to the Arena of Stars where all their huge concerts and shows are located. They are all 5 minutes walk away.
Overall, this hotel is a great addition for the Resorts World Genting especially to those who likes to come with a bunch of friends and families. Instead of separating each other in a lot of rooms, it would be much more economical and fun to have them all in one room. The only con I can think of so far is the noise reduction between rooms. I know you are excited to have all your friends in one room but please keep your voice down. It is not nice to disturb your neighbours next door especially after wee hours. Last but not least, the price starts from RM2XX++. Book early to avoid disappointment and to enjoy the lowest rate. Book a room today!

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