Grand Tour Plus @Gua Tempurung, Gopeng

5 years ago I was here but I was unable to join their Grand Tour due to not enough number to go for the trip (the minimum requirement is 8 pax). I have to wait for 5 years later to gather the right amount of people for the tour. 

Is there any changes in 5 years? Their ticketing counter has moved a little bit inside where there is a store of all the equipment such as helmet and life jacket are stored. The parking area for the cars are still the same; limited. We can't park at the back because there will be no guard patrolling that area. The toilets and bathrooms are renovated to be cleaner than before. 
The price has also increased for the Grand Tour from RM22/pax to RM30/pax. They have additional Grand Tour Plus Tour for additional RM15/pax. This Grand Tour Plus tour will extend additional 90 minutes tour on top of the 3 hours and 30 minutes tour. The tour is only available from 9.00am - 11.00am (daily)

We have more than 30 pax for this tour and we were guided by 3 rangers. They did a very good job to make sure we are safe and having a good time inside the cave. One of the ranger is a pretty girl. She is tougher than she looks. It is really an honor to have her to come along with us in the tour. I can't get any nice picture because it is too dark. So you will not able to see any pictures in the cave but I did managed to make a video. You can watch the video at the end of this post.
In the Grand Tour, you will be basically be all wet. You will have to slide, crawl, climb and jump. It is not easy at all especially those who is the first time in caving adventure.
There is an additional tour on top of the Grand Tour Plus which is going into the "Checkmate". It is not an extra route but a location where we will see white blinking stalagmite and stalactite like diamond. It is really an excellent experience to know how powerful is mother nature.
There are a lot of large spider like this which is not life threatening but enough to make the bitten to be numb or paralyzed.
After 2 hours of darkness, we have reached this checkpoint where we will see the light again. It is an amazing feeling to see the light again especially being greeted by amazing nature and cave structure.
 A view from the higher ground. Amazing, isn't it?
It is just a big piece of jungle in front of the cave. The total tour takes exactly 6 hours for us to complete for Grand Tour Plus + Checkmate Tour. Actually it can be shorter if we do not stop to wait for others. We did too many stops because of some participants are the first time to do caving adventure. Otherwise, it can be completed within 5 hours. It is fine if you are not in a rush.
One thing I have learned that if you do not have 8 pax for the trip, do come over on Saturday. Saturday is the peak day of the entire week. You can join other team for the Grand Tour. The queue is long on the entrance so you might not able to get into the cave fast. If you do not have proper shoes, you can rent them at RM25.00/pair. Actually you can buy a rubber shoes at any hardware shops nearby for less than RM10.00. Please do not buy any new shoes because you will definitely spoiled your beloved shoes. One last thing is please bring your torchlight, it is not provided.

Last but not least, I really recommend this trip because it is the best I have been so far.

Total Damage: RM45/pax
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes
Freakout Level: 4/5

Things to bring:
1) Rubber shoes or old shoes that you are going to throw after this trip
2) Headlamp (not torchlight because you need to free you both hands to climb the rock)
3) A set of clothes because you will get wet and your pants will likely be torn
4) 500ml of water bottle is enough
5) Some snacks especially to those who has gastric problem if not eating on time because you will come out from the cave the earliest is at 2.00pm.

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