Sou Omakase @The Gardens Mall

Lately if you would notice that, Japanese cuisine has got us all lazy. We always facing trouble when the moment their huge and thick menu is putting right in front of us. We are all having the same struggle to choose so in the end a Japanese restaurant starts to include omakase set in their menu to rescue us from this dilemma. Sou Omakase is even better by just provide a full omakase set in their menu. There are no ala-carte menu at all. This restaurant is opened by Chef Fukushi from Yokohama and he gathered his finest men in his team to serve their best omakase to us.
Their set lunch as cheaper which is starts from RM118++/pax onwards. As for their dinner, it is really expensive. If you would like to sit here to get closer with the chef, you are advised to book in advice because there are only 6 seats available per day. Furthermore, you are required to take their tasting menu course which is cost RM450++/pax. Is it really worth it? Read on to find out!
Steamed Abalone with Hokkaido Sea Urchin. The fish dish we were already pampered by a luxury dish. For your information, there are quite a number of their dishes comes with abalone. They even have an omakase set which is specialize in serving abalone only. It seems like their abalone is the signature here.
Foie Gras Salada with Japanese seasonal vegetable. The foie gras was so soft and it melted amazingly into my mouth. Unlike other restaurants, I hardly able to experience any gamey taste in it. This is one of the best foie gras I have eaten so far.
Red Sweet Prawn with Japanese Winter Melon sauce. This is really an appetizing dish. The sourish and minty flavor in it just activate all my taste bud . Once I finished it, I was ready for more!
Wild Snapper soup with Five kinds Japanese Vegetables. The fish is without a doubt is one of the softest and most tender meat I ever had. The soup itself is so sweet and rich of seafood taste in it. I hold up the bowl and drink it all up without leaving a single drop on it. I may look kind of improper in a fine dining restaurant but I don't care anymore.
Fresh French Oyster. The name itself is stated French but the oyster actually imported from Ireland. So I do not see what is the connection but the both countries are in Europe. Nonetheless, it is really fresh especially added their own recipe sauce which carries a slight spiciness in it. It is way better than the usual Tabasco sauce that we used to use.
While they were preparing their Sashimi to serve us, we were given 4 kinds of different sauces to mix with the sashimi. I thought all I need is just wasabi and soy sauce? They are creative enough to have four where none of them has wasabi in it.
To them this is their raw fish box, to me this is my treasure box. I wish I can steal the whole box from them! All my favorites are inside so just place them all on my table now!!!
In the end, I just got a slice of each of their premium ones. Hmm...I seriously can eat all of them that are in the box. I am sure. Anyway, these are Tai (snapper), Tobiuo (flying fish), Isaki (grunt fish), Sake (aurora salmon) and Tako (octopus). They are all fresh indeed. This is the first time I had flying fish and grunt fish. They are really tasty! You should request for them if you got the chance to see this kind of fish serving in any other Japanese restaurant. 
Here comes the premium tuna sashimi collection. They are like gold in among all other raw fish. All these are from the Bluefin Tuna which consists of Otoro (fatty tuna), Chutoro (medium fatty tuna), Maguro (tuna) and Naka-ochi (scratched ble fin tuna). They are all lip-smacking delicious. You would want them to slowly stay in your mouth but unfortunately they just melt in your mouth and you will accidentally swallow within a second. I can't even hold the temptation. One thing good about this restaurant is they serve extra sourish drink for us to cleanse our mouth before starting their grilled course. This little detail that has done by the restaurant is really terrific. As if they are giving your tongue a good service instead of its owner.
Grilled sweet fish with Tatezu sauce (Japanese sweet vinegar) with grilled Awafu (bran of millet) with Miso. Their grilling skill is very good but what is even better is the sauce. The sauce plays a really big part in bringing these grilled food not just the grilled taste but more than that. I am really amazed when they are able to play your taste bud so well.
Mehikari Tempura (deep fried round greeneyes fish). It is a little bony but the super fine crisp on the outside and the super soft tenderness on the inside has just made it so great. 
Here comes their special grilled abalone. The chef asked us if we would like the abalone to be fully cooked or live grill the abalone which you can see it from the video below. It may be disturbing when looking at the live abalone slowly grill to the death at your dining table. If you do find it disturbing, you can opt for their fully cooked abalone as you can see above. It is really delicious too. The soup is so sweet and with sea urchin again! You will never get enough of them!

There you go after watching a long 5 minutes torture on the abalone, it is now on the plate. The taste is absolutely divine and the tenderness of the abalone is so delicious which you would never forget. Their omakase set always changing from time to time and never the same except for this dish. I saw most of them had experience with this dish when they opt for their abalone omakase course or their tasting course.
Syrup Ume (Japanese Plum) with crushed ice and special jelly. This is another transition to cleanse your taste bud for their sushi course.
Half Grilled Fresh Blue Fin Tuna. It is like a medium cook steak but this is a tuna. I was left speechless with their creativity to awe us. It makes us think that Japanese food is not just about sashimi and sushi but MORE!
Chutoro Sushi. Their sushi is really delicious which you actually do not need the wasabi at all.They are already perfect by itself. The freshness of the meat is clearly amazed you. You feel like having them at Japan.
Salmon Belly Sushi. In their tasting menu, it was listed 3 types of sushi but I was served 2 types only. Never mind then. After these sushi, we had a Japanese Fresh Seaweed Miso Soup.
Home made mochi red bean dessert with Japanese Roasted Tea. Nothing special about the dessert but what the highlight is not this dessert.
Yes, it is their Japanese melon. A real complete omakase is not serving customer matcha ice cream or mochi or some other seasonal fruits as the desserts. It got to be none other but the Japanese Melon. The juiciness and the natural sweetness are the taste that you would like to end the meal with and bring it home. I really loves how the Japanese melon melts in my mouth. If durian is the king of fruit, this got to be queen because of its sweetness.
Everyone is serious behind the sushi bar carefully making the omakase dish for us. Overall, I have to give them 5 stars for their food. As I have said earlier, they are servicing your tongue instead of you. They know exactly how your tongue works. They are a very fantastic maestro chefs. As for the restaurant's service, I have to reckon that they are top notch too. They are very attentive, full of smile and polite. They know I am a food blogger and they purposely printed out the whole list of food names above in color for me. Thank you so much for the list. It helps me a lot in writing because I can't remember everything what the chef had told me.
Same like any other restaurants, there are no perfection. There is always room of improvement. A genuine omakase experience is not just about the food and the service. It is about the interaction from the chef and also the uniqueness and personalize omakase set for each customer he is serving. Customer who choose to sit at the sushi bar is not just about watching the show but to create zero distance between the chef and the customer. Chatter and laughter are the key to let the customer feel that you are not just serving food but sharing the joy of the food together. However, the chefs in this restaurant is pretty cool and doesn't really like to interact with their customers. All they did was just explaining the dishes. I reckon Oribe Sushi did a good job in this area.
Besides the interaction between chef and customer, it is not just about serving a perfect taste of food but to able to serve unique and personal food to their customer are the key of omakase too. The meaning of Omakase means leave it to the chef but their Tasting Course is just serving the same thing to all their customers sitting on their sushi bar on that day. I prefer them to have different sets of Tasting Course to different customers. When we leave it to them, they need to design a course right away based on our likings and not just based on what we do not eat. If they able to do that, I will say their Omakase is very personalize. 

Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Price: 3/5
Food: 5/5
Will I Revisit?: No but recommended to try at least once.

Sou Omakase Dining
Lot G247, GF
The Gardens 
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 KL
Tel: 03-22021133
Business Hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm; 6.00pm - 9.30pm (daily)

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