Zoo Melaka, Ayer Keroh

No, I am not in a farm. I am in the zoo and it is Zoo Melaka. The last time I was brought by my parents. Today, I am a parent myself bringing my family to this place again. I do not remember the old ticket price. I wonder if there is any increment but I believe it should be increased a little after so long. Right now the price is RM17.80 (adult) and RM7.10 (child). It is not really expensive if you are comparing with the nearest safari park at A Famosa Water Park which is cost over RM40/pax. 
If you did not bring a stroller for your kids with you, do not worry. They have a stroller to rent which is just RM10 for the whole day. The condition of the stroller looks old and ugly but for my kid, he just love to be in it. So it is worthwhile.
If your family doesn't really likes to walk under the merciless sun, you can opt for a buggy ride which is at RM100 for the first 45 minutes and RM75 for the subsequent hour. They will have a tour guide to assign for you.
I would recommend before you start your tour, take their tram for a quick round all over the zoo first. The price of the tram is RM5/pax (adult) and RM3/pax (child). It is not included in the zoo entrance ticket fee.
The condition of the tram is not really as nice as in their website. So please do not have high expectation on their tram. Side note, watch your own kids because there is not seat belt on the tram. Do not be too worry because the tram is not really fast anyway. The ride will takes approximately 20 minutes to circle the whole zoo.
They have a timetable of when the tram will be in service. You can check their full schedule when you are at the tram station. Roughly is about 30 minutes for every time slot. It is highly depending on the amount of passengers. If they have big crowds, they will have more than one tram in service. Anyway, the last time slot for the tram is 5.00pm.
There are a couple of live shows that are offered by Zoo Melaka. However, not all available everyday except for the bird show. Everyday, they will have 2 shows which are at 11.00am and 4.00pm. Extra show at 2.00pm will be available during weekends and public holidays.
Do volunteer and participate their live show so that you will get to take picture with the birds and snakes for free for your whole family after the show. Otherwise, there will be a charges of RM5.00/pax.
The show will takes about 15 minutes and watching different kind of birds making their unique set of skills. It is definitely an eye opener for the kids.
Do not be disappointed if you do not get the free photo session with the birds. You still get the complimentary photo session with the Flamingo and the cute ducks.
There are a lot of types of deer that are living in this zoo. The reason is because deer is the symbol of Malacca. If you read Malacca's history, Malacca is found by a prince who saw a deer successfully defended itself against 3 wild dogs. That's the reason for the prince to decide to stay in Malacca and building his empire.
There is no live performance for deer. It is just a random deer feeding session. The only live feeding is only Elephant feeding session which are only available on weekends and during public holidays. There are two time slot for this which are at 11.30am and 2.30pm.
I will just display all the animals that you will be expecting here. Giraffes in this zoo are still juvenile.
Oxen, very proudly line up for a photoshoot.
Please take note that, their monkeys are running wild around the zoo. So keep your food well hidden to avoid any unnecessary disturbance.
Their ostriches looks sick.
Leopard and panther looks boring. They are more active at night. If you are coming for their night safari, you may see them more active. The ticket price for the night safari is the same price. Night safari is only opens on Friday and Saturday night or eve of Public Holidays and school holidays. 
Tiger is still my favourite among all other animals but when both set of eyes looking at you like that, it really scare the hell out of me. Luckily there is a glass to separate them from me. I hope the glass is really reliable to defend against that 200 pound beast.
Weather in Malaysia are too hot for them and for us as well. I wish there is a nice cool water for me to soak in too.
Otters are so active playing around. They are really cute and adorable.
Turtles are a lot here but not too many kinds to be expected.
These goose are so noisy and fierce. So keep your kids away from the fences. Just to avoid the goose to bite off your kids' finger.
One and only bear. So sad. The bear is still a young bear too. So lonely.
One and only Chimpanzee who does little tricks when being told by his instructor.
This chimpanzee is really old and got attitude with him. 
Miniature horse
Elephants, not many. Just 3.
There are a lot of birds exhibit in this zoo but not all can be closely captured like this. It is very hard to take a picture of a bird when they are in a cage.
The zoo may looks boring and uninteresting but the most important thing is your kids are enjoying it. Everything will be worthwhile. It doesn't have to be fancy and it doesn't have to be expensive. To them, as long as they are able to see fresh things, it is already a new experience for them. They are too young to differentiate. It is just the adults that do the differentiation which makes the kids to learn to judge. Otherwise, anything for them will just make them happy.
Total Damage: RM45.60 (2 pax)
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Freakout Level: 1/5
Recommended?: Highly recommended for family

Zoo Melaka
Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya,
Ayer Keroh,
75450 Melaka
Tel: 1300 22 3000
Business Hours: 9.00am - 6.00pm (daily); 8.00pm - 11.00pm (night safari)

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