Getting to Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is an island that never sleeps. It is still consider as an island even the government had already constructed a bridge to connect to the mainland just like our Penang Island. So now everyone can drive to Phuket from Malaysia. At Phuket has at least 32 beaches around the island but not all are clean and beautiful. Only just a handful that are astonishingly beautiful. However, any of the beaches in Phuket can easily outclass our one and only beach in Penang which is the Batu Feringghi beach. 
Most people would prefer fly there since the flight ticket is so cheap and the journey just take about 30 mins to Phuket and 1 hour 30 mins back to Kuala Lumpur. Oh yes, Thai time is one hour later than us same like Indonesia. When reached the airport, there are limo taxi and metered taxi available. To be honest, not much difference between this two taxi charges especially you arrived late evening onwards. The reason is because the traffic is the worst during this hour so in the end the meter will end up the same price as the limo. 
In the Phuket downtown area, it is not easy to find meter taxi anymore. Tuk tuk is the most common one and follow by motorcycle which will be cheaper than tuk tuk. You need to negotiate the price before getting up to their vehicle. Always try to go 30% - 40% off the price they asked. If they do not comply, simply just walk off and find another tuk tuk. They will find you back if they willing to agree with your price. Hotels in Phukets are a lot. The prices are reasonable and extremely cheap during off peak. You can easily get less than RM100 for a 3 stars hotel.
If you are a person who can lives without a nightlife, please do stay where you can easily walk to the famous Bangla Street near the Patong Beach. You can see all kind of crowds you would expect here.
A lot of bar is trying to get you to join in to watch their A-go-go show, pole dance and strip dance. If you are getting irritated by the green light, so do I. However, I just want to show you that they restricted you from taking any photos on their bar so they either shine their lazy on your lens or block your lens with their hands. 
Every bar is using different way to attract their customers. Some has attractive design like this while some has crazy cheap alcohol deals for you.
This bar is different than the others where they are trying to challenge your strength in order for you to get your free whiskey. If you think you have been working out in the gym hard enough, why not showing off yourself here? You might not just get Whiskey but maybe some girls too. LOL
This bar is showing their great ice carving skill but not really that great when people are more to taking photos rather than visiting it.
Bangla Walking Street, the central of attraction at night in Phuket. The night will never dies in here.
Bored with Thai girls? There is Russian girls too. She just keep on spinning the pole all day long. What a job!
If you have heard of Oculus Rift, you can try it here at 100 baht for just 10 minutes. It is so real. You can see the players are gone crazy. Don't get it all wrong when you saw a guy was hugged from behind like a Titanic movie. The staff is just trying to hold onto the player from going all haywire. You will just gone berserk when you are too into the game. As I said earlier, it is SO REAL! Oh by the way, Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset where you play the game through the glass.
Jung Ceylon is the nearest mall that you can hang out near the Bangla Walking Street. Check out how difference of a mall in Thailand over your country. You will definitely see the huge difference. I will not telling you here so you should check it out yourself.
Talking about artworks. This is a fantastic artwork which is a card which basically comes 3D when it is opened. 
200 baht for one card and meet the maker. He is reluctant to give any discount no matter how you trying to negotiate. This is the only stall there you can't get any price cut from. His price is fixed. I personally think 200 baht is worth it to encourage him to continue to see this art which will become famous one day. You guys should check it out and show your support too.
Whenever, I am in Thailand, I will definitely look for their pancake. It is so uniquely delicious. No one is making that in Malaysia. Don't buy from the stall that is using a small stick alike to make it. It is not as good as this stall did whereby he makes it like Roti Canai style by making it fly. Nice demonstration and create good crowd attraction. 
Next, this guy who spoke a little Mandarin to us by saying "If is not delicious, don't pay". No chance you wouldn't pay because it is darn good. However, a roadside stall selling starting from 100 baht for their common fried ain't cheap at all. Well, I can assure you that it is worth it. I went back twice for his food. His fried rice and pad thai were awesome!
Last but not least, not to miss their famous Tomyam Kung and Green Curry. You just have to find the authentic Thai restaurant that serves only Thai food for a genuine tomyam taste. Please do remember to just add a little spicy in their Tomyam if your tolerance is low because the original Tomyam Kung is super spicy. Tissue please! I mean a box!
Next post, I will share with you about diving in Phuket. Seriously, I need more than a month to finish the whole Phuket tour. It is too big and too many attractions! I think I can live there for good. By the way, I do advice if you can drive, do rent a car or a bike to drive. It is just starts from 100 baht/day. It is very worth it. There are problems too which are the traffic jam, parking and petrol. Well, thinking about the conveniences of travelling the whole Phuket. It is all worth it.

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