Restoran Tim Sum Sin How Wei, Melaka

In Melaka, dim sum is never a must eat food. However, when your wife suddenly has the appetite for dim sum, you just have to look for it. So that's how I found Restoran Tim Sum Sin How Wei. It is not a luxury type with air-conditioning restaurant. It is opened together with few other hawker stalls in a food court. 
They are famous with their Pau. Everyone coming here just for it. I saw some of them taking away a lots of them as if they are going to have Pau for the whole day. I ordered myself a red bean paste pau. The bun is soft and sink your teeth just well in it while immersing the pau fragrance out into your mouth. The red paste is a lot in it and not too sweet. Just like I wanted it to be. It is only RM1.60 for one which I think is a reasonable price for me.
All their dim sum cost at RM2.30/plate. No matter what you are taking, it is all the same price. Their fish ball is the one on the orange plate. It is their signature too. It is big and tangy. 
Prawn Dumplings is something that always sold out fast. I do not know what is so special about it but they just gone within minutes.
Fried Yam Ball is the best among all other fried things that they are offering. Crispy skin with soft and sweet inside definitely will lighten up your day.
Their fried tofu is so-so. In conclusion, if you are looking for a decent dim sum restaurant. This will be the one. However, it is not the best.
Restoran Tim Sum Sin How Wei
Map 401, Taman Sin Hoe,
Bukit Baru, Melaka, 
Ayer Keroh, 75150

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