Pulau Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu

We all know about Tunku Abdul Rahman Park that consists of 5 islands which are Pulau Gaya (the biggest island), Pulau Sapi, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sulug. Have you heard of  Pulau Sepanggar? This island is just 10-15 minutes away from Jesselton Jetty but not many of us notice it unless you open your Google Map.
This island is not listed in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park so it is not really well known. One part of the beach at Pulau Sepanggar is owned by Riverbug company to build their cafeteria, dive center and also chalet. They have started building in May 2012 and expected full completion on June 2014. Rumors said our country's famous Scorpene, the attacking submarine is standing by here but somehow I do not see this island like a marine headquarter though.
They are already opened for public 6 months ago and we are here to enjoy their so called "private beach" service.
The only left under construction are the jetty, dive center and the chalet. The place already well equipped with their changing room, shower area and toilet. They are all still very clean and well maintained for now.
I did mentioned earlier about "private beach" and I really do mean it. We paid for RM180/pax for snorkeling package and RM300/pax for 2 leisure dives package. Not cheap but when I am telling you that you are the only one on the beach with more than 6 staffs are attending to you, that is something different.
Empty...no one except us. I really mean it. We got to enjoy the whole beach, the facilities and everything.
HOWEVER, there are no corals by the beach except seaweeds. Hardly any fishes can be seen around the beach like you do enjoy at any islands at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. So basically nothing worth to snorkel here. There are some tiny jellyfishes spotted here too. Not really dangerous though but it is not something you wish to bump into.
As I said earlier that they have their own dive center here to dive near to this island.
Unfortunately, not impressive as well. I don't blame the island for the poor visibility but the corals here are not pretty at all.
Too many lion fishes and this is the sign of pollution.
A consolation find out from my dive is this moray eel. Really big and long. Seems like very afraid of human and ready to attack if I come any nearer. I just had one dive in the end instead of two because I do not wish to go into a sea like this anymore.
When you are tired, there is a private hall for you to sleep while waiting for your lunch to be prepared. We do not have any insects harassing us by somehow I do advised you to carry any insect repellent with you.
Here is the dining area. Very big enough to accommodate students who plan to spend their breaks here.
Very fulfilling lunch! Just two of us and we have squid, chicken, prawns, fish and vegetable. Looks might not really appealing to you but believe it or not. We finished everything...nothing left.
Including this plate of sweet pineapples. I am not kidding because they are really delicious.
Overall, there are a lot of things that is need to improve but the most important thing is to get rid all the seaweeds and start having man made corals around the beach. This will attract exciting fish over to the beach. This is really important especially they are providing a snorkeling package which in the end got nothing to see. However, I do have to give credit to their attentive service and the privacy is given to us in this trip. We really do relax ourselves here and enjoying the close encounter with the nature.
Total Damage: RM430.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Freakout Level: 1/5
Recommended?: Not really

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